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Thursday, April 19, 2012

TRIP TO ATLANTA afterthought

TRIP TO ATLANTA afterthought

One final thought about our recent trip to Atlanta.  The people everywhere we went were just extra friendly.  At the Aquarium and at Braves’ Stadium everyone had a big “thank you” and an “enjoy your day.”  They were not just giving lip service, but seemed genuinely nice and friendly.  I don’t want to say that people in New York and New Jersey are not as friendly….but…


Coming out of Turner Field after the ballgame we were met by a mugger.

“Excuse me ya’ll, but I’m going to have to ask you to hand over all your cash…please.”

“Hand over our cash?  Why?”

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t make it clear, this is a mugging.  I need your cash; if you don’t mind of course.  Please don’t make me use this gun.”

“Oh of course not.  This is a mugging then?”

“Oh yes it is sir.”

“Well then here is all our cash, would you like my watch?  It’s a Timex.”

“A Timex…that’s quite all right, just your cash will do, and thank you very much.  Ya’ll enjoy the rest of your day now.”

The next time I’m in Atlanta I will look for this gentleman if I need a good mugging.*

Why are people in some places just so polite?

My son Matt went to Jamaica several years ago.  Everywhere he went he was greeted with “Yeah Mon.”

At one point his friend asked him “I wonder what ‘yeah Mon’ really means?”  Matt responded, “For all we know it might mean ‘go fuck yourself asshole’.”

They did not realize they were being followed by a hotel worker until they heard a calm but firm response from behind, “Sometimes Mon…Sometimes.”

It is good to be home.

*No, we did not really get mugged in Atlanta.


  1. I'm so glad you added that tiny disclaimer. You had me going there for a minute. I tend to be rather gullible.

  2. I was worried there for a while...
    Each region has its idiosyncrasies. Here in the Northwest we are known for our weirdness, indy lifestyle, so much so that a program on IFC called Portlandia has planted itself firmly into people's psyches. If someone asks if that's how Portland is, I have to say, yes, mostly so.

  3. Glad to see the disclaimer! Must admit though, I did have my suspicions ... being born in New Jersey and raised in New England it kind of comes naturally!;-)

  4. Never got to Atlanta or New York/New Jersey - met a nurse from Atlanta when I was in SEA and she was very polite (and accommodating)!

    LA was where I felt that when walking around I instinctively had my hand always thrust deep into my pants pocket, covering my wristwatch and holding my wallet.

    I found southern folk were always very polite, even if their politeness came on 'auto pilot', At least it meant that someone, sometime, had taken the time and effort to drill them into politeness.

    Texans were by far the most friendly (but hard to shut up. Apologies in advance to any Texan readers.

    I loved the automaton behaviour of southern roadhouse staff where the obligatory cup of coffee was poured without asking as they recited the "Specials for the day", right down to the pie a la mode for dessert. Gum chewing by waitresses seemed to be common and they always gave you time to loosen your collar (or belt) and you could appreciate the joy of the air-con before you needed to say anything.

    "Thank you! C y'all again, now!" was the most common response as you paid your bill and left.

  5. Did you think the term "southern hospitality" was just a PR gimmick? It really is true! Glad you got to experience it first hand. ;)


  6. I like New Jersey. People tell you how they feel and what they want and they don't apologize for everything.

  7. I posted another longer comment but it did not show up. I don't feel like typing it again.

  8. The nicest people I've met were NY cab drivers...true! As long as you start singing the praises of NY the moment your bum hits the seat and keep it up until the driver starts to smile. Works every time. Smiles - Astrid


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