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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Headlines 042212

Headlines 042212

Sunday is time again for Cranky’s silly headlines and even sillier, sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

Suspect in Okla. shootings says he's not racist – “I may be a cold-blooded murderer, but I am not a racist!”

Taliban commander hands himself in, demands $100 reward – “Or Else!!”

Woman sexually assaulted by husband ordered to pay alimony – He’s in jail how is he expected to earn a living?

TRENDING: Damon: I'd kiss BushNot sure this is a new trend Matt, but whose bush?

Dortmund can clinch Bundesliga title Saturday - Dortmund hosts Monchengladbach, but Bayern Munich visits Werder Bremen earlier in the day, and a defeat or tie from the record champions will seal Dortmund's title. 

I know that I am just on the edge of my seat over this!

6-year-old allegedly locked in jail cell as part of school field tripFirst graders are looking forward to next week’s class trip to the “Bunny Ranch.”

Missouri Man Faces 30-Year Prison Term for Stealing 52-Cent Doughnut – If he took the jelly-doughnut he would be looking at “LIFE!”

Wisconsin Nude Beach Has Sex Problem Go figure!

Starbucks to Stop Using Crushed Beetles as Dye in Drinks – PETA action against crushing the beetles has convinced Starbucks to dye drinks with uncrushed beetles.

‘Pregnant man’ Thomas Beatie splits from wife – Wife suspects man of cheating.

California teacher fired for porn appearances fighting to get her job back – Teacher in a mission to get back in her old position will fight doggy-style if needed, claims superintendent is just being anal and needs to suck it up!
Texas prom queen who collected $17G arrested in fake cancer scam – Why would anyone give money for this?  I’m pretty sure that Fake Cancer has a 100% cure rate!


  1. I presume Matt's talking about one of the twins....right? ;)


  2. Just found you and I am signing up.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...hope you come back soon.

    Have you read my rant against the new blogger interface?? Talk about cranky......

  3. Your whacky headlines always make me laugh, keep up the good work.

  4. I stopped by to visit from the 'I love my Online Friends Monday Hop'... LMAO and am now following you! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! If you get the chance to visit me that would be great!

  5. Love the headlines! You just can't make this stuff up! Be sweet, Cranky! ~Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

  6. I added you through the blog hop Cranky

  7. I love and missed you cranky. I have been gone a total of one week in north carolina which to me means being gone from total civilization and one of the most nightmarish trips ever. I feel like I am coming home when I read one of your posts

  8. Ha!!!
    As always, you've got me laughing. A great way to start my Monday :)


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