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Wednesday, April 18, 2012



 Our trip to Atlanta this weekend was great fun.  We enjoyed visiting with my brother and sister-in-law on Saturday, and on Sunday we visited with Mrs. Cranky’s Aunt, Uncle, and several cousins.  It was my first time meeting these relatives; they were great.  Aunt Edna has a gift with plants and her collection of Bonsai trees was very impressive.  Uncle Hank had a thousand stories.  He has traveled almost everywhere after his service as a pilot in the military.  He also treated everyone to a very fine dinner at Longhorns Steak House. 

Thanks Uncle Hank!  

Monday was the trip to the Atlanta Aquarium in the day and we took in the Braves/ Mets game at Turner Field in the evening.

As nice as all these activities were, the highlight to this trip has to be, of course, the Fighting Pickles soccer game Sunday afternoon. 

By now I am sure you have all heard of the Fighting Pickles.  They are Atlanta’s premier 3-4 year old girls soccer team.  Coached by my nephew Grant, and staring my grandniece Liza, the legend of the Fighting Pickles is capturing the nation.  The mere sight of their Pickle green uniform sends chills down the spines of their opponents.

Sunday’s game was versus the Purple Flamingoes.  Without even seeing the respective teams, obviously a Purple Flamingo would be no match for a Fighting Pickle.  That is exactly as it turned out.  The Pickles were relentless.  In the first half they scored three goals while the dazed Flamingoes could not even mount a threat.

Fighting Pickles on the move

Liza, the star, played a flawless defense constantly pointing to the ball and jumping up and down.  Her only fault was her apparent deficient ability to drink from the bottle of Gatorade (note to Gatorade, think marketing your product in sippy cups.)
Liza negotiating a Gatorade bottle

Alexa, Adeline, Georgia and Blue-Bell did most of the scoring for the Pickles while the Flamingoes’ star Nora was very aggressive and had a killer kick but was directionally challenged.  The Flamingoes’ coach solved this by picking Nora up and pointing her towards the Pickles’ goal. 

It was not enough.
Coach Grant Hagy having a strategy sesion with several Pickles 

The Fighting Pickles finished the game 5-0 victors, and their legend continues to grow. 

The Fighting Pickle’s parents were excited.  The Purple flamingo’s parents were disheartened.  The Fighting Pickle’s players acted as if it was no big deal.  The Purple Flamingo’s players acted as if it was no big deal.  Both teams just seemed content to down their juice box rewards and head happily home. 

I think it was a big deal.  I sense I had witnessed something special. 

There is a dynasty in the making in Atlanta.  It is not the Falcons, the Braves or the Hawks.  No it is not a professional team at all; the dynasty in the making is a 3-4 year old girls soccer team. 

The dynasty in the making is the Fighting Pickles!            


  1. That sounds like a hoot! I would much prefer to watch them than the Falcons, Braves, or Hawks! I'm guessing they're "sweet" pickles and not "dill", right? ;)


  2. I'm glad the Fighting Pickles weren't pounded into relish. We will expect great things from this team.

  3. I giggled all the way through this! Go the Mighty Pickles!

  4. The Fighting Pickles, now THAT is the name for a sports team. None of this Rangers, Hawks and Lions stuff. I would be over the moon if my boys' soccer team was named after my favourite food. Thanks for linking up. Excellent!

  5. I want to be a mighty pickle now!

    What a laugh!

  6. I want my 3 year old in that team! She's going to have to learn to play first. ;-)


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