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Friday, April 20, 2012


It has been said that we have a culture gap in this country.  The Judeo-Christian culture clashes with cultural traditions of the Religion of Peace.  This is probably true, but there are commonalities in our traditions and those of the Religion of Peace.  


They – Do not treat adulterant women kindly.

We – Often look askance on women who commit adultery.

The minor cultural difference is:

We allow the adulteress to divorce and leave with custody of the children, half of all possessions and a monthly stipend so they do not have to work for a living.

They bury an adulteress up to her shoulders and the community throws stones at the offender until she stops breathing.

Dress code

They – Have a strict dress code for women.

We -   Are often intolerant of those that dress differently.

The only cultural difference is:

We may stare at women covered head to toe in 95 degree heat and perhaps make them feel uncomfortable.

They arrest and administer beatings with a whip for women who do not properly cover up all skin and hair (including facial hair.)

Arranged Marriages

They- Believe in arranged marriages.

We – Think arranged marriages can be successful.

The only cultural difference is:

We will sometimes encourage our twenty year old daughters to go on a date with Uncle Fred’s twenty year old neighbor.

They will sell their fifteen year old daughters to marry wealthy forty year old perverted pedophiles.


They – Believe homosexuality is against God’s law.

We – Often believe that homosexuality is against God’s law.

The cultural difference is:

We often discriminate against homosexuals in employment, legal issues and socially. 

They put homosexuals do death.


They – Discipline people who steal.

We - Discipline people who steal.

The cultural difference is:

We put repeat offenders in jail for a year or more.

They chop of the thief’s hand.

Insulting Religion

They – Are repulsed by those that would insult their religion.

We – Are repulsed by those that would insult our religion.

The cultural difference is:

We have laws against painting swastikas on a synagogue, and will boycott artists who display a cross in urine.

They issue Fatwas to kill cartoonists who depict images of Mohammad, and behead Westerners to assert their revulsion.

The culture and traditions of the West are not that far apart from those of some mid-east countries and religions.  We should try and be more understanding and tolerant of those differences that do exist.  Tolerance and understanding is important.

 We must be careful keep our heads about us.  After all, these are only simple cultural differences.


  1. "keep our heads about us" Haha!

    I agree. We shouldn't let a little bodily dismemberment stand between us.


  2. Not that I'm the poster boy for forgiveness, but I didn't hear it mentioned on either side.

  3. When it comes to promoting socio-cultural differences my intolerance increases proportionately to the degree of promotion.

  4. Brave post! Not many would write an accurate observation about the religion of "peace."


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