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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trip To Atlanta


Atlanta Aquarium

This weekend Mrs. C, the youngest Crank, and I took a trip to Atlanta.  We visited with my brother and sister-in-law, and also with Mrs. Cranky’s aunt, uncle and assorted cousins.  We also took in some of the local sites.

Monday morning we visited the Atlanta Aquarium.  The Aquarium is advertised as the largest and best Aquarium in the world.  It is not false advertising.  The facility is impressive; the collection of fish and sea mammals is incredible.  The dolphin show had a cheesy story line, but the animals and the trainers were remarkable.  Picture taking during the dolphin show was not allowed so trust me these were amazing animals.   

The following are pictures taken with my new i-phone:

(I know, I am not Jacques Cousteau with a camera)
Giant Grouper

Tropical Fish

Giant Sawfish
Whale shark
Sea Dragon

Beluga Whale

Species Unknown


Turner Field

In the evening we took in the Atlanta Braves vs. the New York Mets baseball game.  The Crank and I are Yankee fans, so as this was a National League game we sided with my brother and rooted for the Braves.

It did not seem to help; the braves lost 6-1.  Still we downed several 18” hotdogs, a bucket of popcorn, some french fries, soda and some vanilla dip’n dots.

We had great seats under a roof so we kept dry during a short rain storm.  One of the key plays in the game was a called strike out against the Braves.  This call effected the entire game.  It is a shame that a blown call by an umpire can change a game.

How could he miss that call, from here it was clearly just off the plate and maybe even a little high!


  1. I've analyzed your picture carefully and I agree it doesn't look like a strike to me either.

  2. I'll stick to Test Cricket - at least I know "The rools" of that game! LOL!

  3. A Yankee fan? You're a Yankee fan?
    Damn Yankees!!!

  4. Wish I could get into baseball. Believe me I've tried, but I just find it boring. To me baseball is something they play to keep the masses calm during surgery season when football players have various body parts reconstructed and rehabed. Now I will have to admit baseball parks have THE BEST sports food. Mmmmm.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation. ;)



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