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Monday, April 16, 2012



I don’t want to insult anyone.  I am sure it is an interesting subject to learn about, but as a way to make a living why would anyone study Meteorology?

There are over 150 universities offering degrees in Meteorology.  What do these graduates do?  Most TV and radio weatherpersons have meteorology degrees.  Do they really need these degrees?  Every weather report from every channel is the same.  They all come from the National Weather Service.  Do these weatherpersons really need a Meteorology degree?

How many Meteorologists work for the National Weather Service? I have never met anyone who claimed Meteorology as his occupation.  Most TV/radio weatherpersons probably work in small markets and do not make the big bucks.  I would think that these people would also need a communications degree.

Every blizzard, hurricane or torrential rain storm, the weather dude/dudette has to go out in the street and scream over howling winds that it is snowing, raining, or really fricking windy.  Do they really need a meteorology degree for that?

TV weathergirls are all insanely attractive.  Do schools offering Meteorology degrees only accept attractive women?  Is cleavage helpful in analyzing and reporting the weather?

Hmmm…I think I just figured out why men study Meteorology. 


  1. Meteorologists are just fillers in the evening news shows. They're sort of like that middle piece of bread in a double-meat hamburger. Except they're blond and they wear tight sweaters. ;)


  2. Such a random subject but woke me up and made me laugh. And the woman in the tight orange peekaboo turtleneck is hot

  3. I think of meteorologists as the nougat center in a candy bar. There but not worth paying attention to.

  4. The local station here spends more time doing weather than anything else

    They have three meteorologists (all guys at present ...the hot one got away to Houston)

  5. One class requirement for a meteorology degree is being able to look out a window and determine whether it is sunny/rainy/cloudy, then report that with a straight face. Hard work people!
    Smiles - Astrid

  6. If they just read the weather reports they may not be able to interpret it for their area. Knowing the science behind the reports might just save lives, dispatch help, warn locals to take things seriously.

  7. more proof giving up TV 10 yrs ago was a wise decision...still didn't miss anything...I can hear the weather reports on AM radio.

  8. Half the time my husband watches the news just to get the weather report. Then when the weather report doesn't live up to expectations, he feels hard done by!

    To be honest, I find weather reports can be endlessly fascinating. This past weekend there were 148 tornadoes and one giant tornado that was on the ground for 5 hours. The new system for reporting them apparently saved many lives.

  9. I have a small rock on a piece of string on the open verandah. If its moving around there is a breeze blowing - the more or less it moves indicates how strong the air movement is.

    If its wet it is raining.

    If it is wet and moving around swiftly it is raining and blowing a gale so I roll over and pull the covers up and keep snoozing!


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