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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Headlines 043012

Headlines 043012

The Crankys are chillin in Bermuda, but I still have time for this week’s silly headlines and my stupid, sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

2 arrested for allegedly planting deadly booby traps on Utah walking trailEveryone knows that booby’s are not in season until May!

Va. couple accidentally shot at gun safety classHusband and wife both will receive a failing grade.

Man Wished to Have Wife Murdered as a Birthday PresentWife was hoping for a fur coat instead.

Woman Spills Yogurt on ObamaTurns out the President is anti-probiotic

Tour bus features porn star, free breast examsSign me up!

North Korea claims to have 'mobile weapons' capable of striking USOh YEAH….well we have FOOD!!

Tennessee bar to livestream Sunday church sermon – They will be serving red wine only, in very tiny cups; wafers in bowls will be offered on the bar.

Does the G-spot exist? New study fuels debateExperts claim it is right between the F-spot and the H-spot, but for some unknown reason men cannot find it.

Key prosecution witness in Edwards' trial Young set for more grilling Oops! Nevermind, I thought it said GIRLing. ….Had a good one for that!

Iranian naval admiral: ‘If needed, we can move to within three miles of New York’ - Theoretically yes, but property taxes are really high, and goats are not allowed.
Is slow growth actually good for the economy? – Apparently it is if you are running for reelection.


  1. What would it sound like, a one-armed man applauding? Hmm... Lots of funny ones here.


  2. "North Korea claims to have 'mobile weapons' capable of striking US"

    I wouldn't classify a bomb on an ox cart to be a viable delivery system.


  3. Good ones. Thanks for the laugh....I needed that.