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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Who is Right?


Who is Right?


There is a lot that bugs me these days, but I shall refrain from complaining as every comment only pisses off half of anyone that reads this blog.  

I do not want to be cancelled!

What can I write about without hurting someone’s feelings? Covid…I don’t think so.  LGBTQ…no way.  Crime…probably not.  Race relations…asking for trouble.  Religion…no.  Politics…HELL NO!

Wait, I’ve got it, my go-to.  I can make fun of Mrs. C!

That’s right, I recently learned a new Mrs. C weirdoism.  Readers of this blog know that Mrs. C does not scoop her pudding, she dips.  They know that Mrs. C says scroll up when she means pull the scroll bar down.  They know that she hides cookies and other treats from me under kitchen towels.  They may know that she does not like to walk on sidewalks.  Well, I have a new one.

Today as I was getting ready to play golf, I buttoned my pants and the pulled up the zipper.

“You should zip first, then button!”

“What? Why?

“When you zip, it makes it easier to button!”

“But when I button, it makes it easier to zip.”

“Buttoning is hardest, you should zip first.”

“I have been buttoning and then zipping my whole life and never found it to be an issue.”

“You should try zipping first, then you would know what you have missed all these years.”

“Missed?  It is not an issue; I find it easiest to button first.”

“Your wrong.”

“Yeah, like I’m, going to listen to someone who dips and does not scoop.”


Come on people, why would anyone zip first?



  1. Oh my gosh! What kind of psycho BUTTONS FIRST??? I hope I'm able to continue reading your blog, after finding out this little-known fact about YOU! It's disturbing enough to have an image of you doing that deed... but to know that you're doing it WRONG sends me for the smelling salts.

  2. Button first
    Every idiot knows that.

    What did I just say?

  3. I button then zip. I also button when putting my clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. Makes it easier for processing it when it is clean. Hubby is a non buttoner for dirty clothes. Now I have to ask him if he zips first or buttons first :)


  4. I'm sorry, she is wrong. But only because she lacks the proper perspective. Women have little to get entangled with the zipper on it's way up. If you button first you have freed up your hands and attention to make things zip smoothly.

  5. I agree, Mrs C is wrong on this one. Anyone with a bit of a belly knows that buttoning first makes it easier to zip, men and boys have been doing it that way as long as I can remember.

  6. With my pants ... when I zip downwards it closes the zip. When I zip upwards they are open for viewing. So I have to button (or hook) the trousers together first. Then zip downwards.

    God bless.

  7. Of course I am trying to imagine what a zipper and button are--elastic waistbands have neither--- but thinking way back, I think you are right, especially for a guy.

  8. How about you do it your way and she does it her way. That would work.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ☺

  9. I actually mix things up, depending on the fastener and how well the zipper works.

  10. Since i had to go to the little girl's room anyway, i went and realized i button first, then sip, and i probably always have.

    Frank Gilbreth, of Cheaper By The Dozen fame, was one of the founders of the science of motion study and using it to save time and prevent worker fatigue. He timed everything and always buttoned his vest bottom to top because bottom to top took him 3 seconds and top to bottom took him seven seconds. He would say do it whichever way is fastest for you.

  11. This post was hilarious. Had to have my wife read it and we both had a good laugh. Thanks.

  12. I'll have to use this question somewhere - Button on Zip first. LOL It's never occurred to me. But now that you mention it, I'm getting a vision of men who are buttoned up and unzipped. Leave it to you and Mrs. C to introduce a blog worthy question!

  13. haha

    she is wrong haha which means you are right omg finally haha