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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

It’s OK

 It’s OK

A Cranky opinion for 


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with no expertise or credibility on the topic opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they are wrong.  As always, no name calling.  And that means you, you big stupid-head!

Is anyone tired of walking on egg shells yet?  Do you watch your words? Words have consequences you know.  Sometimes the consequences are severe, and it seems the world is full of word police. 

Watch your gender usage, very important.  If you call a he a she you will be taken down.  Sometimes it is he, sometimes she, sometimes shim, sometimes…I don’t know.  I only know it is very important.

The safest thing is avoiding any gender reference.  I believe some languages place a gender on everything.  A chair may be masculine while a frying-pan is feminine.  A lawnmower is probably masculine…What the heck do they do in those countries?  Old people must really have to be careful,  I don’t know why anyone cares.

It’s kind of tedious to me.  Oh, I can learn, but I really don’t know why I have to say, “Merle Streep is a great female actor.” When It is easier to say, “Merle Streep is a great actress.”  My way saves a word!

Alright, I will learn the gender thing.  It is stupid, no big deal, just takes a little getting used to, and I don’t need the condescending corrections from people who have learned more of life in 27 years than I have in 75.

This is one that really is the aluminum foil on my fillings.

OK is no longer OK.  The traditional three finger OK sign now means “I believe that all black people should be sent back to Africa!”

Well, that is what I have been told it means.  When I make that sign in means “Hey, stuff is OK!” 

“How are you?”

“…I make the OK sign”

“What? You believe that all black people should be sent back to Africa!”

“No, I’m just saying that I’m OK.”

“Not any more, now you are saying you believe that all black people should be sent back to Africa!”

“Who says so?”

“I don’t know, it just does.”

Now it turns out there are some very nasty people who use the sign, to tell people that they are giant ass-hats.  I don’t know why anyone would want the world to know that they are giant ass-hats, but there are those people.

What the Hell happened that this common and universal sign for “stuff is good” became usurped and used to mean something else?

Turns out it started as a hoax…a joke by some weird satirical publication, and ass-hats believed it and started to use the sign.

So now I can’t use this once universal sign that “Stuff is good” because some group made something up and some other ass-hats believed it?

I think not!

Here is the thing.  If a fat guy with a shaved head, and a swastika neck tattoo makes that sign, it means, “I believe that all black people should be sent back to Africa!”

Probably a racist

If a pasty face out of shape egg-head white guy makes that sign, it means, “I just won ‘Jeopardy’ for the third time.”

Probably not a racist

If a star baseball player doubles up on the sign with his teammate after hitting a huge homerun, it means, “Holy crap, did you see that one?”

Probably not a racist

If I make the sign, it means, “Everything is alright.”

In summary:

Racist makes OK sign it means, “I am a racist.”  You can usually tell without the sign but…


Racist, or Man shooting pool?

Non-racist makes the sign, it means “something good.”

Not a racist

If you are not sure, assume it does not mean “I believe that all black people should be sent back to Africa!”

“I believe that all black people should be sent back to Africa!” Is not OK.

The preceding was the opinion of a  cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management...Mrs. Cranky!








  1. Sorry, I can't give you an OK on this post. There are two glaring omissions! What about "Malcolm in the Middle," the episode where Malcolm, Reese, and Stevie Kenarban played the "circle game." I'm pretty sure Stevie wasn't using it as a racist symbol, but maybe Malcolm and Reese were just proclaiming their ass-hattery.

    Also, you've missed the conspiracy theory that this symbol is used by satanists to slip in a 666 reference, because the fingers make three 6's. But overall, you've done a good job of research here! ROCK ON! (I'm not giving you the devil horns, though.)

    I confess that I am guilty of using this symbol when umpiring in a softball league, to represent THREE OUTS. Meaning that I wanted the batting team sent back onto the field.

  2. Oh brother! The only thing I’ve heard is that it has a derogatory meaning in other countries (Asia?)

  3. I had heard that it was Qanon's secret signal. Ya suppose a thumbs up is ok for now?

  4. I'm going to continue making whatever signs I've always made, saying whatever things I've always said, and doing whatever things I've always done. If somebody else has a problem with those things, I'm willing to talk (but not to anyone shouting at me).

  5. I use the thumb's up sign a lot for "it's all good." I wonder if it means something else instead of "its all good" these days. I could be offending quite a few people. I wish people would stop being so sensitive or so crazy.


  6. Just smile like you have a secret and don't say anything, that makes them even madder.

  7. I believe you may be wrong in saying “Merle Streep is a great female actor.” Also equally wrong when you say "Merle Streep is a great actress.” There are far better actors and actresses.

    God bless.

  8. All I can say is you are AOK👌 in my book! 👍☝️👏🖖

  9. I think I'll play safe and keep my hands in my pockets.