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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Coronavirus Semi-rant

 A Coronavirus Semi-rant

I thought this post from last March was interesting in contrasting the situation as we were just learning with what we now hope is the nearing of the end of the feking tunnel.  Also I love to re-rant at the ass-hats who were not worried as it was mostly effecting us old folks.

I did not want to post on this virus thing, it is too depressing.  I have not gotten it so far, but yeah, it is hitting me. I have lost a boat load of money that may or not be recovered in the months to come.  I have finally learned how to convert the ten-pin spare and my bowling league has been put on hold.  My gym is cancelled and I’m advised that at my age I should stay home anyway.  Mrs. C’s dance studio had a major event cancelled and she lost a lot of money and her boss lost a lot of money times 1000.

Wah, wah, wah.

Actually, I’m fine and thankful that I am.  For now, I am just hunkering down and thanking god I quit smoking years ago and am in pretty good shape.  I really feel for all the people who are losing their jobs and wages.  I feel sorry for all those that are extra vulnerable to this virus.  Most of us will survive the virus, economic recovery for many will be long and painful.

I think closing bars and restaurants and events is a good decision.  With any luck we may see things start to turn in the right direction in two or three weeks.  Maybe this thing will be seasonal…one can hope.

I do have two major complaints where I am compelled to vent.

Number 1 – Shut up with the politics for crap sake.  Stop pointing fingers and STFU.  There will be mistakes made, there will be excellent decisions made.  There are people working above and beyond for the good of all.  When this thing clears up, then do a recap and you can be a Monday morning know-it-all Quarterback.  Until then, can we for just this one thing all pull together?

Number 2 – I actually read where some of the snot nosed spoiled little prick millennials who seem to be mostly immune to this virus are calling it a “Boomer Remover!”  Very clever you worthless little shits.  My response to anyone so crass to say such a thing is FUCK YOU!

Boomers are your parents, your grandparents, your teachers, and many are the very people working to find a vaccine for this and other diseases that someday you may be more susceptible to catching.

Stop partying, stay away from crowds, and wash your feckin hands.  I know it is only a very small number of assholes with this attitude, but it only takes one thoughtless little shit to infect hundreds.  Those hundreds may infect more hundreds and tie up the hospitals.  When you need the ER because your drunken partying ass gets in an accident and there are no rooms or doctors to help you recover, then maybe you will realize we are all in this together one way or another.

In summary, together we can make it through this and when we do, let’s all do what we can to help those less fortunate in weathering the storm.

Until then, wash your hands, separate from crowds and stay safe.

To any millennial who thinks “Boomer Remover” is a funny name for this virus, please tell me when this is all over. This 74-year-old Boomer is jonesing for a nose to bust.

Ok, now I feel a little better.


  1. Its been a long 15 months and I don't see an end in sight even with the so called vaccine. Until politics is taken out of the equation this virus will be sticking around. Enough of my rant :)


  2. The mask mandate is slowly lifting here. I feel like it’s over. I read an article comparing it to other ‘plagues’in the past. The crazy thing is that people don’t change and the reactions to everything from shutdowns to vaccines is identical.

  3. great post! I hope that the corona virus will quickly disappear from the world.

    Would you like to follow each other? I'll follow you back

  4. I originally thought the surviving "boomer remover" guys were really going to be bummed when all us masked up and vaccinated boomers were the only ones left. Well that didn't happen and think we are finally pulling out of this mess. I have a feeling we are heading into this centuries version of the roaring twenties as people bust loose. Hang on.

  5. I've lost a few friends from this mess. All I can say to "the boomer remover crowd" is I ain't going nowhere until the good Lord calls me home. I've encountered a few who think who think it is not so bad if it is mostly old folks. They don't know, they will enjoy life just as much as we do if they get our age.
    You've written a very good post. I guess I will have to buy your book now. I could use a good laugh this weekend. Take care.

  6. Fortunately all my acquaintances and friends are nice people and do not shove their COVID opinions in my face no matter their age. I think there have been both good and bad things from this pandemic. We will see when we get perspective.

  7. Let us pray for healing ... in every way.

    God bless.

  8. There are some small, sad people in this world, and they are to be pitied.

  9. Boomers are the ones who will hold a door open out of common courtesy, even for a snot-nosed millennial, who will slip through like Indiana Jones under a temple door, to avoid helping a person following him.

  10. I've got my own mini-rant pertaining to my own status as a COVID survivor, and the notion that the immunity that I gained from fighting off the virus is somehow inferior to getting vaccinated. The whole point of the vaccine is to get my body to produce antibodies so I don't get the disease. But I've already got the antibodies, and probably better ones than I'd get from the vaccine, since mine were made from the actual virus, not something generated in a lab. So lay off badgering me to get vaccinated. As they say, Follow the science. . .

    End of mini-rant. . .

    As to the 'Boomer Remover' crowd. . . ES&D, punks. . .