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Monday, May 10, 2021



There are many things about men that piss women off.  Men have no clue why because we don’t know how women interpret these things.  Often women interpret what men do or don’t do on how they feel when their girlfriend does or doesn’t do the same thing. 

Ladies…two different meanings:

Men do not remember dates. 

If a woman’s girlfriend “forgets” a date she knows it means “She is pissed off about something, or she just doesn’t care.”

Men do not forget dates.  Forgetting means the date is important to them.  Forgetting is a passive aggressive event.  Men never place any importance on dates so we can’t forget, what we never knew.   I love my grandchildren and I have not got a clue about their birthdates.  If you think that means I don’t love them then you are a jerk…or you are a woman.

Men don’t put stuff away in its proper place.

If a woman does not put something away properly it is an act of aggression because putting things where they belong is important to them.

Men do not put things away, because we never know where they go.  If we ask, we get a lecture because we have already been told and we were not listening because when you told us there was a hair on my shirt and I couldn’t pick it off and listen at the same time.  Who could?

Men don’t listen.

Women’s girlfriends always listen.  They don’t want to miss any gossip, they actually care, and they know they will get a chance to also talk.

Men listen if there is nothing to distract them (see above - 'hair on shirt') which is not often.  Also women don’t realize it, but they do not listen to men.  They don’t realize it because men gave up long ago and don’t have anything to say.   Admit it ladies, when your man comes home and you ask, “How was your day?” You really don’t care, that question is just an opening to tell him everything that happened to you from waking up, stuff at your job, cleaning a stain on the carpet, making soup, blah, blah, blah…


Men don’t care what they wear.

Women dress to impress gay men and other women.  Men dress for other men and men don’t care what they wear.

Men don’t know how to clean anything.

Women clean so other women don’t talk.  If another woman is coming over (even a professional housekeeper) women go into a cleaning frenzy.  Men don’t know about this kind of gossip…and we don’t care.

Some man behavior is purely logical (so women will not understand):

Men won’t ask for directions.

Women ask for directions at the drop of a hat.  They usually ask a man.  Men never admit to being lost, so they will give out directions even when they have no idea what they are talking about.  Men know this.  That is why men never ask for directions.

Men won’t cuddle after sex.

We will cuddle before sex to get sex; after sex, we just don’t see the point.

Men are only interested in sex.


Went back in the way-back machine to 2014 for this re-run.


  1. Men are giant toddlers with bear paws for hands. They only care about instant gratification. No good can come of leaving them unattended. At worst you will lose them, at best your stuff will get messed up.

  2. Yup, really, really bad cleaners! Lol on the directions reasoning!

  3. Still smiling at the hair on the shirt and thanks for explaining not asking for directions. Knew there had to be a reason since it is so widespread.

  4. Yes it's all about sex with men.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. I agree with your list and thoughts about them. I would add with dates that they don't remember times unless it pertains to their schedule. Case in point I had an interview the other day at 4 o'clock. Said that several times to hubby since he was going to help me get there on time from my present job. Even up to the hour of when I was supposed to be home to get him to drive me there (so I could get there quicker without having to worry about parking) he was asking me what time my interview was. However, if he has a time he has to be somewhere and I mess up on it, I never hear the end of it :)


  6. Sweetie talks all of the time, in fact, he can't quit talking. He remembers what i was wearing when we met, i don't remember and don't care. He even remembers tiny bits of info from his childhood that no one should be able to remember.

    He dusts the houses we clean much more thoroughly than i do because he has a longer reach with the duster. He owns more clothes than i do, spends more on his hair and more time on his appearance, and has twice as many pairs of shoes as i do.

    Some men are the exception to the rules, and he's one of them.

  7. Men can catch spiders that fall in the bath.

    God bless.

  8. i agree and i enjoyed the post so much
    except that women clean only to show for other women :)

    thankfully i am aware now that men and women both logically and according to their rank and what kind pf person they are ,yes this difference of attitude decides what kind of life they are going to lead