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Thursday, May 13, 2021

New Signs

 New Signs


My recent post on the usurping of the traditional three fingered “OK” sign to no longer mean “That’s Good!” to now be a symbol of being a racist and proud of it, got me thinking,

“How does a simple nice gesture hundreds of years old with a specific and universal meaning somehow suddenly become an evil symbol celebrating White Power?”  

Turns out some satirical group made up the whole thing, claiming the three fingers stood for the “W” and the circle formed with the forefinger against the middle finger became a “P” hence WP or White Power.  

(Actually the "P" is not really a "P" unless the sign is upside down, but then the "W" becomes an "M" one ever said that White Supremist were very smart. )

This satirical group made this up as a joke turning the OK sign used by 98% of the world from time to time, into a racist signal.  Actual racists grabbed on to the joke and began using the sign, usually held upside-down as sort of a secret racist-brother signal.

So now we can’t use this symbol without people saying “You must be a racist!!”

It also got me to thinking: 

“Well if some group can just casually change the meaning of a symbol from friendly to evil, then maybe I could change mean-spirited signals to stand for something nice.”  

Just change them as a joke and watch the new meanings become fact.  I think it could make the world a better place.

So, I hereby proclaim the following meaning changes to common body language symbols:

1.     From now on if someone turns his butt in your direction and slaps it, it no longer means, “Kiss my ass!”  (Image not available) That is so mean- spirited.  It now means, “Hello good friend, if you need something, I have your back.”

Isn’t that nice?

2.    I don’t like that ‘arm slap fist thrust’ thing.  It means “Up Yours!” 


How mean is that?  It now means “You look younger, have you been working out?”  

Isn’t that nicer?

3.    From now on a raised clench fist no longer means, “Power to the people, fuck the establishment.” 

That just stokes division and hatred toward one and other.  It now means “No matter who you voted for, I respect your opinion.”

I’m feeling better already.

4.    You know that back hand swiping the chin gesture that means “Yo, get the Hell out of here!” 

That is so mean and not nice.  It now means, “Let’s have lunch sometime!”

Why, because I proclaim it.

5.    One more and this will really make the world a better place.  The traditional and universally accepted raised middle finger no longer means “Go fuck yourself!”  

There is really no place in civilized society for that kind of aggressive language.  

The raised middle finger now means, “OMG, even though you cut me off in your BMW, I still love you!”

I am sensing a Nobel Peace Prize.


If a mean-spirited racist group of people can proclaim the friendly, traditional “OK” sign to now mean “I hate people of color!” then mean ugly body language meanings can be changed to something nice.

How?  Just proclaim it!

In summary:

Butt slap “Kiss my ass!” Now “Hello good friend, if you need something, I have your back.”

Arm slap fist-thrust’ thing “Up Yours!”  Now “You look younger, have you been working out?”

Raised clench fist “Power to the people, fuck the establishment.”  Now “No matter who you voted for, I respect your opinion.”

Back hand chin swipe “Yo, get the Hell out of here!”  Now “Let’s have lunch sometime!”

Middle finger salute “Go fuck yourself!” Now “OMG, even though you cut me off in your BMW, I still love you!”


If the “OK” sign can arbitrarily be changed into a hate symbol, then if we all get together, we can change traditional mean-spirited signs to be pleasant and nice.

All we have to do is just declare it.

Let it be written, let it be done!


  1. I've never seen that back hand chin swipe motion, guess it doesn't happen here.

  2. Man! You Jersey people must be really healthy from the workout you get while expressing opinions! All we do around here is flip the bird while we sit on our ample rumpuses.

    Good thing you've changed the ARM SLAP FIST THRUST to "Have you been working out?"

    As for the OK sign... I found it in a SHOCKING PLACE. It's set to post on my blog Friday.

  3. My mother occasionally used the chin swipe but I never knew what it meant then. We just knew she was mad and to not get in her way.

    If only this ugly world would embrace your idea.

  4. Don't know where my comment went but all those were new to me but the middle finger. Evidently I don't irritate people too much or they let me pass with my head of white hair. I totally love your versions. Let's spread them around---carefully.

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  6. I rarely see the chin swipe - makes me think of the Godfather.

    Love your ideas. Lets DO THIS!!!

  7. Brilliant idea! I’ll continue to use the A-OK sign to mean just that — no racist group is going to hijack my language.

  8. sign you use for okay is used here for praising something done by someone before you ,like
    "that was great "
    world is changing and people are changing faster ,mostly for worst because changes are growing out of negativity and desperation instead of brotherhood and peace like earlier times