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Monday, January 27, 2020

Losing it Again

Losing it Again
Last week I spent a half hour looking for a pocketful of screws that I had just 2 minutes earlier put in a baggy and taped it to pieces of the storm door I just removed.  It’s a long story told last week; I’m not telling it again.

Anyway, it made me wonder if my mind was frazzled.

Yesterday I lost my car key fob.  Now losing your car keys is pretty easy.  People do it all the time.  Come home, get distracted and drop your keys someplace that you normally do not and bingo! they are lost.

This was different.  I lost them after I came home from the gym.

I got out of the car and went to push the car door button that locks the car, as I did that, I patted my pocket to feel the keys, a habit I have developed for some unknown reason. 

They were not there!

This car is one where you start it by pushing a button, lock it by pushing a button, open it by just grabbing the handle.  As long as the key fob is within a few feet of the car, like in you pocket, the door opens, the car starts or the door locks.

Clearly, I did not leave my keys at the gym or I could not have started the car.  I checked all my pockets.  I checked my gym bag.  I checked the seat and the floor.  I checked everywhere in the car including places that made no sense, like the glove box.  I checked under all the seats.

How the heck could I not find the key fob, it was clearly within a few feet of the car when I started it at the gym?  Maybe I started the car and then the fob fell out of my pocket back in the gym parking lot.


I turned the car off, then pushed the button and it started.  The fob has to be in the car.

I went in the house screaming that the key fob was lost.

“How could it be lost; it has to be in the car or you could not have started it?”

“I don’t have it and I checked everywhere in the car and it is not there either!”

“Take a flashlight and check under the driver’s seat.  It must have fallen out of your pocket and slipped between the seat and the consol.”

“I checked under that seat twice!”

“Check again.”

“OK, but it is not there, it’s a mystery.  The fob just vanished!”

I took the flashlight, went back out and peered under the seat. 

In the nook of the black seat runner under the seat, the flashlight made out the shape of the black fob.

Mystery solved.  Relief!

Except now I had to endure the dreaded “I told you so!”


  1. I know just how you feel about forgetfulness. I struggle with it all the time these days. Yes, I put something down for two seconds and its gone when I go to pick it up. I was told that walking away from said misplaced object was a good thing to do. I marvel at the surprise I feel when I find something that hadn't budged an inch but had caused me to rant and rave because I couldn't find it.

  2. Is it odd that it fell out of your pocket and landed there?

  3. I didn't this twice in a couple of weeks. Hubby found the keys both times. I love the I told you so stuff.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  4. So weird when that happens. I'm guess the black on black colors didn't help your search.

  5. It's that darn technology, making it too easy for you to drive that car! My son has one of those fob things for his Nissan Rogue. I think it's creepy. A car needs a key!

  6. That fob sounds fun but not when lost. There ought to be a way to tie it to a phone app that would beep when you pressed a button. There is a key finder app, not sure about a fob finder. Then just don't go off without your phone.

    1. Then just don't go off without your phone.   What are you, a mind reader? THAT's tomorrow's post.

  7. Bet you won't lose it again in that place or if you do, you'll look there first!


  8. That's the worst! There must be something to help us not misplace everything we own like key fobs and phones. I hope your week is wonderful. HUGS

  9. Just put up with the "I told you so" and then thank her for suggesting the flashlight because you hadn't been able to see the key fob without it. You may have to attach that thing to a carabiner clip and hook it onto your belt loop so it doesn't lose itself again.

  10. How i hate finding something in a place where i've looked over and over. Hope it doesn't happen to you again any time soon.

  11. I snorted red wine up my nose. Thanks.
    I will tell you that you need to think about a time in which the fob battery dies.
    That happened to Jilda a few months ago. I had to go to where she worked and give her my key.
    There is a work around, but you need a game plan BEFORE it happens.
    Just saying.