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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Putting Away The Clubs

Putting Away The Clubs

The golf season is closing down, at least in this neck of the woods.  It is getting too cold, and often the leaves on the fairway make it impossible to find your ball. 

I know some people play golf right through the Winter, only the snow will stop them.  I am not one of those people.

Still, on my last time out I finished really well.  I stunk the first two holes, but played the last seven (I usually am a nine hole golfer) at one under par.  Yes, I play the old man tees, almost as short as the ladies tees, and it is not a really difficult course, but seven holes at one under par is really good for me.

4- pars
2- birdie  
1- bogey

Then the other day at the range I was hitting really well; far and straight.  I think I found my rhythm and a way to keep the good rhythm. I really wanted to try it out on the real course.

The weather turned cold, too cold for me, but last Friday there was a possible open weather window.  The temperature was as high as 50 degrees with little wind…I hate the wind, so I almost hit the course for the last time this year.

Then I thought.

“You finished your last round really well.  You found something on the range, why not just wait till next year thinking you are on to something and not play one more time and maybe ruin that feeling.”

Reminded me of a story.

I never knew my Grandfather to play golf.  He was an expert Bridge player, I think they called it a “Master,” and he also loved fishing.  My father told me one story about Grandpa and golf, and knowing my grandpa, I believe it to be true.

When he was young, Grandpa did play from time to time, but he was not very good.  On the last time he played, he teed off and hit a really good drive.  He reached the green in regulation and two putted for a par.  The next hole he hit another really good drive, hit the green on his second shot and dropped a 15 foot putt for a birdie.

After that second hole, Grandpa told the other members of his foursome that he forgot he had a business appointment and had to leave the course.

He had no such appointment.  Grandpa just knew when to quit.  I don’t believer he ever played again.

I’m not quite the same “quit-while-you’re-ahead” player my Grandfather was, but I do think I’ll spend this Winter thinking I can actually play the game.

The clubs are going into the storage room.

For those that may give a dang:
Par - The score (number of strokes to get the frigggin ball in the hole) good golfers are expected to make
Birdy - One under par, the score really good golfers are expected to make (from time to time)
Bogey - One over par, a good score for bad golfers
Eagle - Two under par, a score only pros or lairs make.
Albatross - Three under par, a score pros may dream of, but only liars ever get. 


  1. Good for you! You finished this year well! Now to contemplate strategies over the winter season for next year! Funny it is just getting pleasant to play golf here not in the extreme heat :)


  2. Yes. I think you made a good choice to spend the winter reveling in your success.

  3. Your 50F is our 10C, days when we rug up almost as much as Eskimos in a blizzard. Not cold to the rest of the world, but we have our heaters on and our fluffy socks and slippers.
    I'm glad you did well for your final game of the year, you can think of that and be happy all winter.

  4. Albatross? Why have I never heard of that?

  5. Aww, sorry that the clubs have to go in storage. Kind of smart though to end the season on a positive. A negative could have ruined a perfectly good winter. Didn't know they had old guys tees now. Last I played there were only two choices. Wonder if they will ever have old lady tees that are even closer than the regular ladies tees?

  6. I’ve never played golf, but the town where I grew up has a good municipal golf course.
    I do the website for it.
    If you find yourself in rural Alabama try Horse Creek Golf.

  7. Wishing you many happy golfing years.

    God bless.

  8. I think I'm on the autism spectrum when it comes to too. I just don't get it. I did go to "Top Golf" once and managed to hit the ball a few times. I was very proud of myself. I enjoyed the snacks they served the most. Yep, I have a disability.

  9. Your gr-father was a wise man. Are you thinking about taking up bridge?

  10. Never heard of albatross, although i've heard some great golfers once in so often get a hole-in-one. So if par is 4, would a hole-in-one also be an albatross?

    Anyway, i hope you have wonderful golf dreams this winter and hit the course with great vigor in the spring.

  11. how amazing that your great grandpa was able to play good even he was playing it for first time :)

    i liked this story dear Joe
    hope you will enjoy your winters with indoor hobbies and less miss golf ,though i know it is bit hard because it is not just game but also a way to meet friends regularly