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Saturday, November 9, 2019


A cranky opinion for
Cranky Opinion Saturday

Stay off the internet!  Do not tweet! Beware of facial expressions! Practice your robot voice because you will be judged on words, facial expressions and body language.  Furthermore, body language experts you’ve never met will tell the world what you really said, even if you did not know you said it.

“What is this all about Cranky man?”

The quarterback of the SF 49ers was asked in a post-game interview by Erin Andrews, the original sidelines “Babe” interviewer,

“How does it feel to start the season 8-0?”

The QB answered with a smile, “It feels great baby!”  He then had the audacity as he turned and left to smile again.

The internet exploded over this overtly sexist comment.

“He called this married woman ‘BABY!’”

“He smiled afterwards in a sexist way!”

“His body language was clearly inappropriate!”

Get over it world!

This quarterback just finished an emotional, exhausting game where his team won for the eight-straight time.  He was happy.  He was high on adrenaline.  Winning any football game is an exhilarating experience, winning eight in a row in the NFL is special.  Pretty sure flirting with Erin was not number one on his mind.  It was probably about number 8 million and seven on his mind.


Erin Andrews is a competent interviewer.  She got her position as an ex-athlete who understands athletes and competition.  She also was chosen because she is an attractive lady.  She is not a supermodel, she is not Pam Anderson hot, but being an attractive lady surely helped her land this job.  She is still young at 41, but a bit older than the 28-year-old quarterback.  This QB is a good looking dude.  He is wealthy.  He is an NFL superstar.  Meeting women is probably not a problem for him.  He is probably not really interested romantically or sexually in a married sideline reporter 13 years his senior.

Have you ever watched “Dancing With The Stars?”  Erin works there also.  She does a lot of ogling and cooing over the hot shirtless male dancers on that show.  For some reason the internet does not explode when that happens.

I also did not read anything negative into Erin’s reaction to “Baby.” Erin has had some real and serious harassment issues in her past, so she would have reason to be sensitive to ill-advised advances.

I am all about treating women with respect.  I have a daughter and a granddaughter; I know some men are assholes and treat women like objects.  Weinstein, Cosby, some politicians…all should have the crap beaten out of them and then be publicly humiliated as a rotten tomato target for the masses, but we also need to calm down just a bit.

If this QB was making an inappropriate pass at Erin as many, including  “body language” experts, claim, I wonder if he will be hit with a sexual harassment suit from the 320 pound lineman who he slapped on the butt after the game and shouted, “Great game baby!” 

I heard he was smiling when he said that too.


  1. When I was at the supermarket car park the other week and an elderly woman looked at me as if she had a bad smell under her nose. Her dog growled at me.

    What was she thinking? What was her dog thinking? Should I have felt harassed? Who do I complain to?

    Are you grinning sarcastically as you read this Joe?

    God bless.

  2. Ridiculous! There is definitely a double standard, but I suspect the tide will turn and women will be shunned if they comment on a man's body one of these days.

  3. We are all way too sensitive these days. Eggshells indeed.

  4. When the pendulum swings, the momentum often makes it swing farther than intended.

  5. Times have changed. George Costanza got away with many a "baby!"

  6. Um... everytime my 80 year old neighbor Winston sees me he says "Hi Babe, how's everything?" or "Hi Babe, no mail yet!" or "G'morning Babe, where are you off to today?"

    I'm 58 years old and I always get a big kick outta it :)

  7. I would not be surprised if he gave a male interviewer the same answer.

  8. There are some people whose sole purpose in life is to explode over the internet over what they perceive as inappropriate. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it is a job they get paid for.

  9. The world is nuts. We worry about something that silly and yet on TV shows and movies the language, content and everything else is totally inappropriate and not worth my time. Have you seen the way women dress at events like the oscars, emmy awards, etc..and then say they are in the "me too" movement? Really? Anyway, I wish a 28yr old would call me baby! Ha!

  10. The culture of the cancel. Behave, to our ever changing standard, or we will cancel you out, fire you, run you out of here. It's awful, and i am glad for the culture of forgiveness i got to hear about in church today. A wonderful antidote.

  11. Well said! 👏👏👏 Making a big deal out of nothing only serves to trivialize serious, legitimate issues. Ridiculous!

  12. Amen! I had the same reaction you did to that incident. A friendly, affectionate guy in a great mood answering a (stupid) question with a spontaneous expression...probably smiled in reaction to the realization of the firestorm he set off. Geez, leave the guy alone already!

  13. I've heard similar answers given to male reporters. This whole world needs to relax and get back in touch with their common sense. Not everything is a lawsuit or offensive or intended to be mean or demeaning.

  14. i don't know people create hill out of nothing

    i find nothing shameful what you shared here
    all i think is that he was in his happy mood and replied genuinely