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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Picture This

Picture This
What is it about cameras and pictures?  Why do people act goofy when you take their picture?  Why do small children run from a camera?

Every grandparent in the world wants pictures of their grandchildren.  What happens when you get them all together for that one photo you will cherish forever, perhaps the only time you will have them all together at the same time…they scatter, they cry, they sulk, they make funny faces and you have about seventeen-and-a-half seconds to take any picture at all.  Pose, “Say cheese”, I don’t think so.

And when you finally get a shot and check it out after they all run to different parts of their world, there is always at least one who thinks the picture-ruining “rabbit ears” is the funniest think in the world.

No one thinks they look good enough to have their looks preserved and maintained on film or digitally forever.  Wives refuse to allow you to capture your children as you know them, hair mussed up, face slightly dirty, clothes crumpled.  No; children must be scrubbed, combed and in their Sunday Best.

I liked my children and my memories to be real.

Young women are the worst for pictures.  If they turn to a camera and are told to “Say cheese” they automatically either stick out their tongue, make that fish-lips thing, or strike a goofy “sexy” pose.  If you catch them in a group you are guaranteed to capture a group cheerleader wave and the “Woo Woo” holler pose.

Back in the stone age, when a 16mm or 8mm movie camera was the latest thing, no one would allow anything but staged filming.  Go ahead, pull out any old films with mom, dad, and Aunt Tilly.  They will be waving like mad at the camera.  “Here’s Aunt Tilly feeding the baby…Wave to the camera Tilly.”  Tilly waves, apparently in those days waving was required to confirm the camera was actually taking moving pictures.

Cell phone cameras have allowed video and snap shots to be more natural these days.  It is so easy to take a quick picture or video catching your subjects unaware, that they do not act goofy or have a chance to hold up their hand and say, “No, I look hideous!”

If however, you do call attention to the cell phone camera and ask for a pose or a group picture, guaranteed you will get tongue-sticking, fish-lip faces with rabbit ears behind their heads.

By the way, I hate the “Woo Woo!”


  1. I do not care to have my picture taken but I like to take the pictures. I have had one selfie with husband. He got the top of my head and all of his tall self.
    I do not say woo-woo and never would I. I don't get the posing, the arm on hip. Note how every photo of a group of young women of a certain age all pose the same exact way. In 25 yrs they will look back on this like I do my friend's mullet and my perm!

  2. You make very good points here JoeH. But what about another modern trend ... at a party or other gathering photos are taken, (on cell-phones perhaps), and then, unbeknown to you these photos of you are published all over social media without your permission or knowledge. How do you feel about that?

    God bless.

  3. I hate to have my picture taken, but later regret that my image was not captured for perpetuity. I'm not getting any younger, you know.

  4. I look older than dirt so I don't care for my picture to be taken. I will say in the past I've made some funny faces and on purpose. It was fun.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  5. I demand that my photo is taken at least 5 feet away.
    My daughter sent me some sample photos from their Xmas card photo attempt. Hilarious! A 2 YO and a 3 month old. One or both is crying in each photo.

  6. I don't enjoy posed photos much, except for the annual school photos. When I'm taking photos I tend to roam around with the camera taking shots of anything else until the kids forget about me then I'll stand back and use the zoom lens to get photos of groups of kids playing. family kids, in a family gathering setting. I don't roam around taking photos of other people's kids, that would have the police after me, people are so worried about molesters and kidnappers.

  7. I always hated having my pic taken but then I realized that if I didn't get into the photo my kids and grandkiddos wouldn't have any to put up at my funeral and they would have to use my DMV photo or worse, my hospital ID. However, my old Sam's club pic wasn't too bad!

  8. Sorry, i'm just not ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

  9. I think cameras should be abolished. I don't know anyone, especially children, who enjoys having their picture taken. Only kidding, of course!

  10. Call it a selfie and kids will climb on top of you to get in the frame, yes with fish lips. This I know for sure, selfies are not an older person's friend.

  11. I'm not one to have my picture taken, but I'm realizing I probably should take more with the grandson so he'll remember what I look like in years ahead when I'm no longer walking this earth.


  12. Gosh! This is reminding me of how old I am. :)

  13. I don't mind having my pic taken for the most part. I just don't want it posted on every social media site known to man. I prefer pics with my grandkids. :)

  14. during ceremonies i often see what you said here dear Joe ,very confident and smart people seem to be bit confuse when it comes to proper photo
    kids are tough to handle i agree
    my father and husband both think that natural and real image is more likeable and powerful than one with preparation so i take mostly the rough pics of my family to keep memories more real :)

    I have sent you an email which i think you did not get until now
    if you haven't please let me know so i can say the same thing in comment box


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