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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Different Strokes

Different Strokes
I recently got into a small discussion with a very nice lady who insisted that I “Simply must see 'Hamilton'” the popular Broadway play.

I am sure it must be a wonderful play, but I am not that fond of Broadway or musical theater.  In generally I will not see anything that I am told “I must see” and definitely will never go out of my way to see something that “I SIMPLY must see!”

That’s just me… the going ticket price of $500 for a so-so seat also factors into my decision. 

I told this nice lady that that is just not my thing, just as I am pretty sure my love of “reality TV” is probably not her thing.

She made a face.

I said, 

“Why the face; different entertainment exists because people have different tastes.  Some people lean towards ‘Sophisticated’ forms of entertainment.  Some people ‘like’ entertainment that they are told 'They SIMPLY must see' because they do not want to appear unsophisticated."  

If I am anything, it is not sophisticated.

Not necessarily proud of that, it is just fact.

“You need to try things before you make judgment, you would love ‘Hamilton’!”

“Perhaps I would, much like you might like WWE Wrestling if you gave it a chance.”

Another face.

“You know, don’t you, that WWE Wrestling is not real!”

“Really, I did not know that.  And I guess our founding fathers wrote the constitution in sing-song;  used RAP instead of talking, and oh…was Alexander Hamilton black?”

“That’s different!”

“So are our tastes.  Enjoy your sing-song plays.  I prefer people saying, ‘I am off to Boston’ instead of hearing them sing the same dialog to fake almost musical talking…That’s just me.”

“It is more than just sing-song lyrics, it is art!”

“And getting wacked upside the head with a two-by-four and getting back up to deliver a double flip off the ropes into a suplex for a winning pin is also art!”
Another face!

We ultimately agreed to disagree…actually she left in a bit of a huff.

I’m waiting for the movie version of “Hamilton” to come on TV so I can avoid it for free.

Different strokes.


  1. I'll avoid it with you. The wrestling too. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  2. I'm not a fan of musicals either, or wrestling, but love rock concerts and hockey (which sometimes has wrestling.😉) As you said, we all have different tastes. I will never understand why some people get offended when your preferences don't match theirs. This extends to politics and religion.

  3. I get recommendations from my daughter about movies and TV series, and we have similar tastes so I'm usually happy to have a look at what she says, mostly I love whatever I watch that she recommends, sometimes I don't. But when other people recommend stuff I often say it's not my type of thing and they'll accept that, then a few years later it might pop up on TV and I'll remember it and have a look just in case.

  4. If everyone had the same taste, every woman would want to be married to my man. We need different taste in things so the world won't be boring.

  5. Did you watch "The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge?" I thought of you every time I saw the commercial!

  6. Even if I may be able to afford it, there is no way I'm putting out $500 for a "must see" show. Can't justify spending that kind of money no matter how "good" something must be. Rather catch it down the road, if available, on Red Box or Netflix or even Prime with a little fee that be gouged at those exorbitant prices. You are right, different strokes for different folks.


  7. ... "actually she left in a bit of a huff". She should have left in a time and a huff. There's nothing wrong with wrestling. I like it. Why don't they do a version of Hamilton in wrestling? The referee could sing the "one. two three ..." count. And the wrestlers could dress up in period costumes. Can you imagine Les Miserables in wrestling format? Or the Phantom of the Opera? You're missing out, JoeH. Maybe WWE should try a new line in wrestling.

    God bless.

  8. Lol, this might be one of my favorite posts of yours! It describes perfectly how people today believe everybody should think exactly as they do! Cracks me up the way you did the dialogue, as I can totally see that happening.

    For good measure, things I hate that people have told me I must simply try: country music and sushi.

  9. Right you are. It holds true for more than just entertainment.

  10. Dear Cranky Old Man, this Cranky old Woman hates musicals. I would never ever go to see Hamilton. The so called music alone would make me leave screaming and holding my ears!!!!
    I do watch reality shows either - oh wait - one of them. Married At First Sight. That is a pure car accident. You know you shouldn't look but these nuts jobs make it hard not to. :-)
    But you know that because you watch all reality shows. Great post Joe.

  11. So with you on this one Joe. Can't believe the price of the tickets for one thing. If it is someone with similar interests raving about a movie, show, book or food, I'll give it serious thought. If they are not in my lane, I just smile and say "hum".

  12. I get it ... for garlic is my art ;-)

  13. As I always say: "Don't yuck my yum" and Jack would get along great. He could have gone to see the play "Wicked" with me but chose to go to Cabelas instead. I loved the play, he loved his store with all the men stuff in it. Win-win!

  14. No musicals. Of course I don't like wrestling either, or reality tv (got enough reality thank you very much). But give me a science fiction movie, and I'll settle right in. See? You are right!

  15. I watch both musicals and wrestling. That's all. But Hamilton is the great way to :) everything make a sense

  16. Love me a good musical! But you can keep the wrestling. However, each to their own. As my late mother always kept saying, "It would be a boring old world if we were all the same"

  17. I am amazed that a black man portraying Alexander Hamilton and his pals rapping could have ANY appeal. But, like you say, "Different Strokes". I was just thinkin' about goin' on Amazon Prime to see if I could find any old Humphrey Bogart movies.

  18. i agree that different stuff is cast for people with different tastes
    recommending is not bad thing though , forcing someone is irritating :) as she did
    i totally follow my mood inevitably
    i can see all types of shows but depends on my currnt desire of entertainment

  19. This is so me. I always go against the flow and it does piss people off. It took me a years to watch the Titanic movie, simply because it was told to me it was a "MUST SEE" movie. And the only reason I saw it the one time, (10 years later) was I was in a hotel and my husband wanted to watch it. I didn't die because I didn't see it with everyone else. Honestly it was corny and not that good. I much preferred the old black and white version.

    I guess I am just stubborn.


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