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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

She is at it Again

She is at it Again

Every night after my dinner, I have a mug of coffee and dessert.  We generally have some little coffee cake muffins in the pantry.  Tonight, we were out.  What to do, what to do?  

I know that in the hall closet there is a large box with a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, mostly thin mints.  Thin mints are not my favorite.  My favorites are Samoa’s.

A few weeks ago, I sorted through this box and found a box of my favorites.

“How long have has that box of Samoa’s been buried in the closet box.”

“I didn’t think there were any more left.”

“Why so many thin mints?”

“You like thin mints.”

“Only as a last resort, Samoa’s are my favorite.”

“That’s why I have to hide them.”


“No…maybe…I don’t know.”

“How old are those cookies anyway, the box is always there, or is it a new box?”


“Maybe what?”

“I’m not sure.”

Mrs. C is never not sure; something was up.

Tonight, desperate for something to go with my coffee, I searched through the box again hoping for Samoa’s, but prepared to settle for thin mints*.

I pulled the box out of the closet to really be able to dig through.  When I pulled it out, a sweater that was behind it also came out.  Under the sweater was another large box of…that’s right, Girl Scout cookies.

Box number one had no Samoa’s, only thin mints and lemon drops.

Box number two was full of half thin mints, and half SAMOA’s!!

I had to wonder how long she had been hiding these.  Were they a new supply ordered this year?

I checked the best used by date.  SEPTEMBER 2018, this box of hidden cookies was at least a year old and probably two years old.

The Samoa’s were still good, but how long was she planning on hiding them?  Until they needed to be tossed?

I’d like to know how long they have been in hiding, but if I ask, the other boxes will get hidden again.  I found five boxes of Samoa’s.  When I finish them, I will ask.

*Mrs. C is at work three nights a week.


  1. Omg, I'm cracking up! I can't figure out if she's hiding them from you or just general hoarding. I'm not sure I ever had that many boxes in my house when I was the GS Leader!

  2. Did you know that Aldi sells cookies that are just like Girl Scout cookies..thin mints and Samoas..and they are about a quarter of the price? However, if you're a purist and want the origianl GS cookies then I'm betting you can order them online and hide them yourself.

  3. I'd say Mrs. C likes Samoas, or else you've been extra JERKy lately (for the past year), and this is your punishment. You could always take out what you want to eat, but leave the packages in the box, just like it was. If she's forgotten that she's hoarding them, you won't get in trouble. But if she's withholding your Samoas on purpose, you're sure to hear about it!

  4. Heeheehee! It's time to re-order your Girl Scout Cookies, by the way. Do yourself a favor, find a Scout and order yourself a box of Samoas and hide them for you.

  5. you take coffee after Dinner right?

    it means you don't have to worry about sleeping early because tea or coffee after dinner spoils my sleep so i do not take any in case temps are below 0 which is rare here

    accept my sympathy for hidden boxes dear Joe!
    there must be some explanation and you will get it after finishing these boxes i am sure

  6. I(s it possible she hid them & forgot?

  7. I'm curious about the sweater that was hidden. An early or belated birthday gift, maybe? Hope those Samoas don't go 'off'.

  8. I keep my chocolate biscuits at the bank safe deposit box. It's a long walk every time I have a cup of tea ... but it's worth it!

    God bless.

  9. It’s Girl Scout cookie time again. You know, two can play at that game also. My Retired Man and I do that with M&Ms. the bad thing is that we both forget where we hid them.

  10. Gosh don't say know where her stash is now so just keep mum and keep pillaging the stdash.

  11. I could help you out with the thin mints if you have too many. Seriously, you do know where they are so just keep mum till you eat the last one. She just keeps giving you great material for the blog.

  12. Thin Mints are my absolute fave which is why you would find zero boxes hidden anywhere except on my hips! Samoas are good too. That seems to be a guy cookie. Guys love those Samoas. Now I'm craving Thin Mints! They have Thin Mint Girl Scout ice cream maybe I'll give that a go. :)

  13. Thin Mints are like crack. . .

    We throw 'em in the freezer, and every once in a while, we'll find a box at the bottom of the freezer that we'd forgotten was there. . .

  14. I don't get why she hides them, knowing they are your favourite. And why buy thin Mints when neither of you seems to want to eat them? I say just keep eating the Samoas now that you've found them but leave a packet of them for Mrs C.

  15. I was going to write a nice long comment here, but now I'm going to make a cup of coffee and have some dessert. Samoas, my favorite, too. Just got a box from a co-worker. By the way, don't worry about the expiration date - girl scout cookies are like bunker food.

    And I ALWAYS make sure that we are NEVER out of dessert-y stuff.


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