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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett

The day I read about the racist attack on Jussie Smollett I said to Mrs. C,

“Have you heard about this Jussie Smollett thing?”

“A little, who is he.”

“An actor and I think a singer, I’ve never heard of him before, apparently he is not on reality TV, but some show that we don’t follow.”

“From what I heard, it sounds awful.”

“It is awful, but I think something is fishy.  Don’t tell anyone and I’m not saying anything to anyone else, but it smells fishy.”

“Why, I don’t know too much about it.”

“The guy left his hotel or apartment, not sure which, to get a Subway sandwich at 2 am in Chicago.  Nothing strange about that except why would anyone need a subway sandwich at 2 am when he could just raid his fridge or call room service?”

“He may have just had a craving for a Subway sandwich.”

“I’ve eaten at subway, they are not that good, matter of fact years ago I must have had some bad lettuce or something as I puked and pooped for two day after…bout as sick as I can ever remember being,

Anyway, it was not only 2 am, but it was -10 degrees that night.  Had to be mighty hungry to go out in -10.  Then he was stopped by two guys in masks.  They punched him, threw bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck before he fought them off and they ran away.”

“It could happen…I suppose.”

“So, two thugs were out in -10 weather at 2 am, do you suppose they had a hunch that Jussie Smollett would have a hankering for a subway at that time, so they were waiting for him?  And they happened to have bleach and a noose on them?  I know I almost never have bleach and a noose on me when I am out at night.  Then this guy fights off two dudes that never took his money or his cell phone?  They just wanted to rough him up?  He must be one tough dude this Jussie Smollett.”

“He could be.” 

“Then, after fighting off two thugs, he waits 40 minutes to call the cops.  He had a cell phone, 9-1-1 is a pretty easy number to remember.”


“This is the part that really gets me, when the cops arrived, he still had the noose around his neck!  Seems to me number one, that if you could fight off two thugs, they would not have been able to put a noose around your neck.  Putting a noose around his neck is something you would expect after he was subdued; and why would anyone, after such a harrowing experience, not remove the noose from his neck?”

“So, he staged the whole thing.”

“Clearly, but do not voice that opinion, you will be branded a racist and a homophobe.  I think it will come out eventually, the police are not that stupid.”

“Why would he do such a thing.”

“Who knows? To get attention, I don’t know…it makes no sense, but lots of people do stupid things that make no sense.  My wild guess is he is not that smart and clearly has issues.”

I think the jury is still out, but the latest information from Chicago police indicates the whole thing was indeed a hoax.  I guess it is now safe to voice my opinion that it was a hoax without being branded as a bunch of “ists.”

Sad that initially the incident could not be questioned in polite company, even though the story was obviously full of very questionable holes...actually, holes Hell, it was bull shit from word go!  I knew it, the cops knew it, anyone who thought about it knew it; but for some reason most of the world WANTED it to be true.


  1. It's so sad what some people will do for attention.

  2. He wanted a raise. I cannot believe someone could stoop so low to do something like this. For money!!!!

  3. Jessie Smollett definitely has problems. So sad on all fronts. He had a promising career, a role that many would dream about, and respect. All that is gone. The money spent and publicity that went into his lies could have been spent on a real victim. His story became so big that it was even told before the Trump scare of the day. I heard that a child was shot in the head while sitting in a car in Chicago. That was just a small story on page 5.

  4. On the next episode of Stupid Criminals... This guy is a complete moron and really on all levels of his blackness and gayness he's a disgrace. This is the same as a woman claiming rape when it didn't happen. It makes it harder for other women who have truly been raped to come forward and/or be believed. This guy is a douche. And I do watch the show 'Empire.' They can write him out. No great loss.

  5. The liberal media took off on this, chewed it to a rag. Now? silence.

    The police investigation time and $$, plus the other emergencies were pushed into the back seat.

  6. The liberal media and politicians ran with this story without bothering to think or ask those obvious questions.

  7. I suppose I should be ashamed to say that I've found this situation to be quite entertaining. He makes a statement, or you see clips of his interview, and within hours, there's a "leak" from the police that contradicts him.

  8. Is there a charge for wasting police and everybody else's time? Never heard of the guy; should I have, I wonder. It was a good write-up on your part, though.

  9. Wasn't the first questionable part of his scenario about the bleach? Because bleach getting in your eyes is not something you can fake. It's always amazing that people think they can get away with their far fetched schemes.

  10. Romeo and I had a similar but much shorter conversation about Smollett on my way out the door for work one morning. I couldn't imagine doing it on purpose, but there you go. Some people need that drama even to the point of faking it I guess. I doubt this is the first time an actor/actress wrote, directed and acted in their own little play.....

  11. I thought it was fishy too. Maga county in Chicago? Really. That was the first thing that smelled funny. The weather was the second thing. Then there was the noose. You always see those maga hat wearing folks walking around at 2am in Chicago on a freezing night with their nooses just waiting for an opportunity to find a black person.

    He was booked and then released on a 100,000 bail. Let's see what happens to his career now.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. 😎

  12. The restraining order says I can go for a walk at 2AM but am required to leave the rope and bleach at home. Why does this seem fishy?? ;-)

  13. We've never watched that TV show, either, but when I saw the first teaser about the incident, I felt some sympathy for the dude. But, like you, it didn't take long for me to conclude that the whole scenario didn't make sense. Supposedly, this actor was doing well for himself, so why oh why would he be so stupid as to shoot himself in the foot like this? The only thing with a noose around its neck right now is his career. I've read that he may have to pay for the cost of the investigation of his false story, too... as he should. So much for doing well for himself. What a stupid waste.

  14. When the news first broke, I was horrified. Then not much later I became horrified for much different reasons. This was poorly thought out and he topped it off by stupidly writing his supposed attackers a check for their services. Good Grief.

  15. Heard he's been cancelled from Empire. I hope they "throw the book" at him for his false accusations and the expense that were spent investigating his alleged attack that could have been spent better elsewhere.


  16. You must join .F.B.I dear Joe as you sound just like them throughout the post

    Nothing is impossible in this weird world

    May be your guess is right
    Or may be the accident was real

  17. This just proves my (highly personal) theory that reality show actors can't be all that bright.