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Monday, December 31, 2018


Yes, another re-run
What better day for a football rant then New Year’s Eve.  What is Cranky ranting about? Too much football?  Too many bowl games?

Hell no, there is no such thing as too much football.

This rant is about the TV football color analysts.

Dudes…your job is to explain the game, explain each play, analyze situations, and add color and understanding for the vast audience with low testosterone. 

What do you do instead?

You use stupid confusing terminology that your audience which already knows what is happening can interpret, but confuses the audience for which you were hired to explain the game.

Por exemplum (I was forced to take Latin in high school and I will use it…dammit!) and as a public service: here is some common “Analyst” terminology, what it sounds like, and what it actually means.

“He needs to use his legs to move the sticks.”  FRIGGIN WHAT?

The quarterback should run more often to get a first down.  “The sticks” are the markers that represent the yard marker for a first down.

“He’s gotta make that catch!” Is it a penalty if he drops it?

It was a catch-able ball and if they don’t make the easy catches it will be hard to win.  You are allowed to drop the ball without a penalty.

“They need to run the ball north and south.”  What; do they need a compass?

It means run the ball straight up the middle of the field…yes, some fields do run east west…

“This guy is a great down-hill runner.” Which way is down-hill; north or south?

It means he runs hard and with a lot of momentum…no it is not you, it is a stupid expression.  Oh, also runs north…north is forward, south is backward…I KNOW!

“The name of this game is 'hit'!” Why do you always call it football?

It is called football.  “The name of the game is (insert anything here)” is a stupid expression for hitting is important.  Sometimes the name of the game is block, or tackle, or control the clock…Once again…I KNOW!

“This guy is going to be great at the next level.” So, he doesn’t run down-hill?

Next level means the pro’s…He is good enough to play pro-football.

“If you give him too much time he is going to pick you apart.”  Pick you apart? Isn’t that unnecessary roughness?

He will have time to find open pass receivers and will gain ground with easy completions…yes North completions.

“You can’t just stand around.  You have to put a hat on somebody!” Hat? Like hat trick? Is this hockey or is it football…or 'hit'?

Put a hat on someone means to block someone…yes…I KNOW!

“We will be seeing him a lot on Sundays.” What? He goes to church?

They play pro-football on Sundays, so this player will make it to the next level.  Are you getting the hang of it yet?…no, hang time means kicking the ball real high…I KNOW!

“Here comes the hands team.” Don’t they all have hands?

No, some teams don’t have hands.

“I’d keep it on the ground here.”  Didn’t you say a fumble was bad?

That means he thinks they should run the ball not pass it…I KNOW!

“He needs to air it out.” Does the ball smell?

That means he thinks they should pass the ball.

“That one needed to have some extra air.”  Why don’t they pump all the balls up the same?

It means throw the ball higher…hang time is for a kick, more air is for a pass…I KNOW!

“That is two three and outs in a row.” I thought strike outs were in baseball.

You get four downs to move the ball ten yards.  If you move it ten yards you get a new set of four downs.  If you don’t get a first down after three tries…you know what, never mind, strike outs are in baseball not football.

“They’re lining up in the pistol.” WHAT?

It is kind of like the shot-gun but not quite a wildcat formation. It means the backfield takes a direct snap, but from only a few yards and it is the regular quarterback and not the wildcat player who…ah hell, I don’t know either, I don’t think anyone does.

Just turn to the discovery channel, there is a “Say Yes to the Dress” marathon all New Year’s Day!



  1. I've solved the entire problem of ignoramous colour 'guys'....the hubs watches his games with the sound muted and streaming into his hearing aids...I leave the room...problem solved. I don't know much about any sport and I'm quite content to keep it that way. But...I hear what you're saying Cranky..those 'guys' need to rethink their lingo.

  2. I don't watch football... at all.. so this was actually stuff I didn't know. Some of it seems counter-intuitive.

    I'm in Houston, so it might come in handy to know a couple basic terms, though, seeing as how we apparently have an actual football team that can get home runs... er, wait, no... this year.

    Like knowing Spanish and Christianity, when in Texas, if I knew a little about football, it would help me speak with the locals...

  3. We don't watch football either. When you only have Netflix and Amazon Prime you don't have to worry about commercials or this either. We are way happier.

    Have a fabulous day and a happy and healthy New Year, Joe. 😎

  4. Goodness, didn't know how fluent I was in football terminology but reading this I can see how the newbie would be soooo confused and probably turned off to the sport. Good public service Cranky.
    Have a great New Year and enjoy the too fast approaching end of the season.

  5. I stopped watching football, except where family members may be playing.
    Now I listen to my mother in law’s commentary from another room.
    She makes no excuses for anyone.

  6. "He's gotta make that catch!" As a new fan of the Cleveland Browns this year, thanks to OU alum Baker Mayfield...I'm quite familiar with that phrase. Not that I ever get to see them on TV, though. We always seem to get the Chiefs game.

  7. Maybe that's why when I watch a football game on t.v. I almost always have the remote on MUTE.

  8. Happy New Year! Everyone who is on the inside wants to use the jargon, not explain the jargon.

  9. The "teams with no hands" must be the only ones playing proper FOOTball (*~*)

  10. I only watch Detroit Lions football and their terminology is pretty easy to decipher. LOSE! :P

  11. You lost me at the "sticks". I'm not much into football but then I live near Cleveland..nuff said.

  12. This is one of those posts that I don't understand at all. Not the analyst's terminology nor your explanation. *Blank look*