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Monday, December 17, 2018

Cranky get-away Part II "Disney"

Cranky get-away

Part II “Disney”

For those looking for pictures, I did not take many...Google Hawaii for plenty of great pictures. 

Mrs. C used her Disney Vacation Club membership to book a suite at their hotel on Oahu.  The suite had two bedrooms, a sitting area, a dining area, a kitchen, and three bathrooms.  We shared the suite with good friends Maryann and Tom P.

It is a nice resort and we stayed for three days before we boarded a ship to tour the other main Hawaiian Islands.  There were two issues that kept this old man cranky.

First Disney always has kids.  Noisy kids.  Spoiled kids, coddled and pampered precocious kids.  I hate noisy, spoiled, coddled, pampered, precocious kids.  I know… as Mrs. C often tells me, I am going to Hell.

Kids I can grudgingly live with, the other issue was more difficult. 

There was no TV!

I know!

For two and a half days we were told the IT People are on the problem and it would be fixed soon.


If you read this blog at all, you know that the Cranky’s are addicted to TV.  We fall asleep to TV, we wake up to TV.  (Don’t judge you have some addictions too…Oh yes you do!!)

So, we made do by talking to each other.  At least the P’s are fun, interesting people, so talking turned out to be an excellent way to pass the time…Who knew? 

We played a trivial pursuit type card game.  That broke up almost as soon as we started when Tom actually knew that the northern most European landlocked country was Belarus!

Who knows shit like that anyway?

Next, we played Uno.  Maryann P won.  Maryann P cheats.  How do you cheat at Uno?  If I knew I would have won. (OK, maybe she didn’t cheat.)

Anyway, between trivia, Uno, actually talking, the beach, the pools, hot tubs, dinners out, a Luau, and a little bit of alcohol, we survived the surrounding children and the no TV.

Next: Norwegian Cruise Line.


  1. I know where Disney is on Oahu. mB and I took advantage of an offer from a friend to use their getaway place just across the tracks in the gated neighborhood.
    Compared to Honolulu it is really laid back.

  2. TV is good because it interrupts unwanted conversation. The problem I find is that when you point the remote control at people it does not lower their voice or shuts them up.

    God bless.

  3. I'm a tv addict myself, but on vacation, I like to go off grid as much as possible.

  4. Gee, kids and no TV in Hawaii. How does one survive? You didn’t mention if you lacked an internet connection. I am sure that could have caused a mutiny on board.

    Glad you had a good time with your friends and I hope the holidays are good for you and yours.

  5. I take a book and go find a chair on the beach, put the book on my lap and stare at the waves all day. Some people (butinskys) will ask me if I'm meditating. Some others (lifeguards) will come by to see if I'm dead. I am fascinated by those waves. (And the occasional bikini.)

  6. Wow, not only Disney but Disney in Hawaii. Think you ought to post a picture of Tom so we can all beware if a stranger offers to play trivial pursuit.
    I understand your withdrawal pains regarding no TV.

  7. We have TV on our boat but we never turn it on. We don't have a television in our bedroom. I can tell you our lives are far better. We do talk to each other, and read together and it's wonderful. I'm glad you did okay with all those kids. I think I'm going to hell with you. See you there. 🎄🎄🎄

    Have a fabulous day, Cranky.

  8. Of couse everyone has an addiction of some kind. You are not in danger of eternal punishment because you do not like spoiled children, i promise.

  9. It sounds like you lived through it!!

  10. I don’t think we turned our TV on when we went on a cruise. I am addicted to my computer and we didn’t have internet service.
    That took some getting used to. I did enjoy the cruise.

  11. Sounds like the lack of TV did you a favour. I'd be addicted to mine too, if our electricity costs weren't so high. I restrict myself to about four hours between dinner and bed.

  12. My nephew and his in-laws went to Disney World. His mother-in-law complained to Disney corp that they were treated badly because her over weight son...who's in his 30's, didn't get to go in first in line. He's on disability because of his weight. He's not handicapped in any other way. They got a free, all expense paid trip back to the magic kingdom. Seriously. You need to write a letter. P.S..I'm trying to figure out how he could ride the rides anyway being disabled because of his weight?

  13. I understand your TV withdrawals. I have a little thing called DVR that makes me throw caution to the wind, and bypass the TV when we go on a trip. Hick, however, rushed us back to our hotel, from a distant casino, to see the last half of "Alaska, the Last Frontier." I probably should have stayed to watch with him, and saved myself some losses.

  14. No TV would be a deal breaker for me, so I understand your pain. Plus, you didn't even have your Kindle to read or watch Amazon shows!