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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Cranky Get-away

Cranky Get-away

Part One

Believe it or not, I do not really like to travel.  I am comfortable in my routines.  If I want to see another place or another land, I can Google it.  Not the same you say? I agree, when you Google, there is no waiting, no airplanes, no tipping, and no hassle.  After you Google your other place or other land, you click exit and you are home.

Mrs. C does not share my opinion.  Mrs. C likes to travel.  If Mrs. C wants to travel, we travel.

These last 10 days I traveled with Mrs. C to Hawaii.  Three days in a Disney resort near Honolulu, and seven days on a cruise ship visiting all the islands.  Joining us on this journey were good friends Tom and Maryann P.

Getting to Hawaii was easy, up at 4 am for our ride to the airport, two hours to go through security and wait to board an ELEVEN-hour flight.

Eleven hours! 

Know how many times an old man has to get up and pee in eleven hours?  A lot.  Fortunately, the plane was not very crowded and the restroom was usually available. 

Eleven hours is also enough to cramp my legs making walking difficult.  We did book seating with extra leg room so it wasn’t too bad.  With choices of movies, music or TV shows, the time just flew by…well it was not awful.

My least favorite thing about flying is deplaning.  Eleven hours in flight and passengers cannot wait two extra minutes to leave the plane.  Everyone jams the aisle, yanks out their overheads and elbows their way forward before the doors are even open.  In this mad dash to get to baggage and wait, this cranky old man left his Kindle on the plane.  Though we notified lost and found within an hour, to date we have not heard if the Kindle was returned.*

I vow from now on when we land, I will wait until I am damn well ready to get my bags and I will then plant my ass in the aisle and stink eye anyone who tries to hurry me up as I take my own sweet time making sure I have everything.

And so, we made it to Hawaii, less one Kindle and given a three o’clock island time and an eight pm cranky time my internal clock was totally screwed up.

Aloha for now!
Tomorrow "Disney"
*The Kindle made a round trip to Jersey and back, and the airline did eventually find and return it.


  1. Honolulu is not my favorite city.
    It is difficult to avoid Honolulu when visiting the islands, but it can be done... unless you plan to take that inter-island cruise.

  2. We don't care for traveling anymore either. Rather just stay home or go to the boat. It's a lot less expensive too.

    I hope you get your Kindle back.

    Have a fabulous day. 🎄🎄🎄

  3. Just the thought of that plane ride makes me cringe. Have a great time while you're there.and really glad your Kindle found you.

  4. Omgosh. One of my biggest pet peeves of flying, that mad dash to deplane. It's ridiculous. Luckily, you did get your Kindle back so that's a plus, right? And Hawaii... The biggest plus. :)

  5. If you have a complaint, just tell us. No need to beat around the bush!!

  6. Omg, I loved Maui, but the flying to get there was hell. I don't know if I have the stamina to ever go again, and how did you get there quicker than we did? Our flight west was 11.5 hours and I'm further west than you. Or did you have a direct flight?

    Personally, I'd prefer they let people without carry ons off first, because I always check my luggage. I just want off the damn plane.

  7. I'm glad you got your kindle back. I enjoyed flying the couple of times I've done it, but eleven hours would be too much for me now unless I went first class where there is much more leg room and I could maybe walk around a bit. after eleven hours in one seat without moving I'd be cemented in place. Well, my hips would be and they'd have to wheel me off in a chair.
    I hope the trip was worth it and you both had a wonderful time.

  8. From UK to US was eleven hours so I know what it must have felt like. Sad about your Kindle, I bet you uttered a few swear words. I know I would.

  9. Why do people dash so quickly to get out? Never understood it.

    Bon arrive back home.

    God bless.

  10. 11 hours? I can barely make a 9 hour drive to Oklahoma! AND we stop ever couple hours for the bathroom and leg-moving. You are very good to Mrs. C (for a JERK), and even sacrificed your Kindle (for a time) to accompany her. I know she appreciates you.

  11. I'm not a fan of flying. I do it but don't enjoy it...enough said about that. The good part is the destination is usually worth the effort. So have a great time! I can't wait to hear how it all goes!'re a good hubby to support Mrs. C in her dreams!

  12. Eleven hours, horrors. Actually those bathroom breaks are good for your leg vein health. I think I would be the last to deplane. Let everyone else fight for space. Great news about your Kindle. That would have broken my heart. Think I have 400 to be read on mine.

  13. Ooooh...Hawaii is on my list! Glad you got your Kindle back - I'd have a cow if I lost my iPad.

    Eleven hours on a plane is awful. The longest I've been on a flight was 9 hours or so, going to Germany.


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