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Monday, January 22, 2018

Mrs. Cranky Grocery List

Mrs. Cranky Grocery List

As some of you may know, Mrs. Cranky does not have typical lady like neat handwriting.  On top of that she uses some sort of strange shorthand that often makes reading her grocery list like deciphering hieroglyphics.  I have not posted a Mrs. Cranky grocery list challenge for some time and as I am short on ideas it is time again.

I asked my wife if she had a recent list.  She said yes but that it would not be challenging enough for my readers.  I decided to use it anyway when it took her several minutes to interpret the list, and one item I had to figure out for her.

So, without further ado I challenge any reader to correctly identify the items on


 Side 1
Clue, 14 items
 Side 2

Clue, 10 items...some items are also on side 1, I have no idea why
The person who has the most correct answers will win a mention of their blog and a very large WHOOP-TE-DOO (if you have no blog the Whoop-te-doo will have to suffice.)
The most creative answers will win a less bold WHOOP-TE-DOO.
Runners up will win a teeny tiny Whoop-te-doo.

Good luck!
Comments will be held up for three days
Answers next week.


  1. Yow! Well I figure she has a cold and need some cough stuff, Airborne vitamins and Lysol. She wants SOS. And she likes her dairy because she wants Milk and CHZ (cheese or Cheez Whiz?) twice each. And yogurt. And she likes tomatoes enough to want them twice. As well as ketchup. Some are quite legible (oatmeal cookies). And some are written in a foreign language (most of the rest of the list).

    I work part time in a grocery store and occasionally have men ask me to help interpret what it is their wives are asking for. Usually though, it's a matter of "what is this for and where do I find it?" rather than.. "can you read what she wrote?" Mrs. Cranky is a fun challenge. :)

  2. Oh dear, I only got the tomatoes - or aren't there any tomatoes? :-)

  3. I definitely read milk and was that yoghurt I saw at the end? I saw two more but lost them again so I don't aim to be a winner!!!!

  4. Yogurt, milk, cheese, soft butter, cough stuff, tortillas, squash, mini ulysses
    side 2 milk and cheese again, cookies, donuts, tomatoes, canapes, old men's tongues

  5. I have no clue what some of the things are, but I think the list includes day meds (which I'm guessing is day-time cold medicine), creamer, cough syrup, tomatoes, donuts, toilet paper, milk, cheese, yogurt, and oatmeal cookies.

    I think Mrs. Cranky may be the one person in the world with handwriting worse than my husband's.

  6. I am convinced she needs to sell her code to the military. Our secrets would be safe---though possibly from us also. Only thing I was sure of was milk. That you two just don't go hungry is amazing. I really can't talk though for sometimes I can't read my own writing either.

  7. Wow.....that is like some kind of military code. I got cheese, yogurt, what looks like cake mix, something with fruit and veg, is that gatorade? cough stuff, tomatoes, donurs was pretty clear, ..... I'm afraid she wouldn't have got what she wanted if I went shopping for her lol.

  8. Jay (does this mean she’s cheating on you? Sorry man)
    Crullers (Your heart man, think of your heart!)
    Cough stuff (Not sure why she wants to cough, but OK)
    Mini (Cooper Mini may be cute, but hardly practical)
    Vivisection? Seems harsh ….
    Air Brush (She knows that only works on pictures, right?)
    Kitchen (she can dream …)
    Eraser (I’m getting worried for your safety, man)
    Salted butter
    Oatmeal cookies
    Tinnitus with frosted mud
    Cheese (more? Really? You sure Queenie didn’t write this?)
    Cake mix
    ½ Gal Milk (sensing some forgetfulness here)
    Candied Donuts (do they REALLY need more sweet?)

  9. Creamer, cough stuff, tomatoes, mini SOS pads, Lysol, Airborne, TP, milk, stick butter, cheese, yogurt.
    Oatmeal cookies, tomatoes, cheese, Gatorade, juice, half gallon milk, donuts

  10. Hi Cranky,

    Bear in mind that I am British and may not understand some of the items anyway - but here are my guesses:

    “Cough Stuff” (presumably cough medicine)
    Airbags (????)
    Kitchen elastic (?????????!!!!)
    Salted butter

    That is a real struggle!

    Good luck if you are the unlucky person who has to make the trip to the supermarket.




  11. OMG that is so funny. I won't be winning because I can only figure out a couple of them.

  12. OK Joe here goes I am sure glad that I didn't have to carry these lists to the store with me, because I have a feeling that I would be making a return trip.

    List Number 1 with 14 items:
    1. has to be Oatmeal it was obvious...Right?
    2. is anybody's guess, could be cleaner all I think that I can see is the first letter is a c and the last an r
    3. is Cough Stuff, not sure what kind of stuff but that'd be the stuff I'd get.
    4. is either Tomatillas, Tomatoes or Tostitos, I guess it all depends on if you are cooking or crunching but for kicks let's say Tomatillos.
    5. Mini Lysol, I guess this comes in handy if you only have little germs to kill.
    6. is SOS pads even though it was written in with the lysol I'm still saying you needed some SOS.
    7. has to be Airborne, with all the sniffling going on and vitamin c needed I'd grab this one.
    8. Ketchup because everybody needs ketchup or Kitchchup, or something else all together.
    9. EMask, Emolr...hell I don't know I'd just have to grab something that started with an E, you know this is when you Punt.
    10. is one or the other K's Toothpaste or Toilet paper depending on which end needs attention.
    11. is clearly Milk, after reading everything else that was as clear as milk this one has to be Milk.
    12. is either Stick Butter, a guitar, or...I'm sticking with butter.
    13. is Cheese.
    14. is Yogurt.

    List number 2 with 10 items was just as easy as the first one:
    1. has to be Oatmeal Cookies, simply because I can recognize Oatmeal cookies anywhere.
    2. is random letters written in another language, I believe she added this one to test you. 7in tudes with frustm'dj...could be cookies with frosting but most likely not, I'd grab cookies hell why not.
    3. is another batch of the Tostitos, tomatoes, tomatillos I'm staying in the tomato family.
    4. is cheese.
    5. is possibly Daiquiri Mix, or sauce mix, or even chex mix, unless it's a dance mix you are required to do while shopping with this list.
    6. is Gatorade because you are really going to need it after doing that dance mix.
    7. is the name of the artist that was formerly know as, maybe you were supposed to grab some of his tunes for your dance mix.
    8. is a half gallon of milk.
    9. is candy.
    10 is donuts.

    There is my list of guesses Joe, hopefully we can get some of the items Mrs. Cranky wanted.

  13. Dang it! I got 23 items! Time to review. Maybe if I squint and turn my head sideways…Nope. Didn’t help. TOO EASY? I don’t think so!

    SIDE 1
    Carball stuff
    Airborne kitchen eraser
    K’s TP
    Sit bone

    SIDE 2
    Ammonia louigles
    Turtles with frosting DQ
    Dance mix
    ½ inch

  14. Omg, I could only decipher~ tomatoes, "cough stuff", and possibly cheese. That's it! Is her list a state secret?

  15. My own handwriting has changed from somewhat legible to absolutely deplorable.
    side one: cough stuff; tortias? (tortillas?); mini somethings; milk; yoghurt
    side two: milk; donuts
    That's all I got. I'm looking forward to finding out what those other items actually are.

  16. tomatoes, cheese,donuts,milk(1/2 gal), yogurt, ketchup, cough stuff, airborne, t-bone steak, Gatorade, cake mix, kitchen eraser, oatmeal cookies, icecream...that's my best guess!

  17. woooh, this is a BIG challenge. This is what I have so far: cough stuff, milk, yoghurt, cheese, donuts, airbag?? tomatoes. I like a challenge so I will take another look tomorrow when I'm not so tired. (It's bedtime in the UK).

  18. i have no idea. does she print instead of writing in longhand so it's easier for you to read?

  19. I got milk, yogurt, grapes, and Creative Memories.

  20. thank you for sharing this list
    whole life i blamed only my own handwriting but if so many can read this list and identify the items why can't hubby reads mine

  21. I'm too late to offer my own guesses and I'll be heading to your "solutions" post next, but I think some of your commenters are hilarious!!!