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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I May Have Been Wrong

I May Have Been Wrong
How frustrating is it when you don’t get a connection to the internet?  With the many things that can go wrong in life, it is pretty low, but in the Cranky house it is very high.  I guess that means life is good.
The other day, internet just stopped working.  It was not my computer, it stopped for Mrs. C as well.  I tried all the usual fixes, double clicking a million times, turned the computer on and off a few times, cursed a bit, and pulled out a few hairs.  Finally, Mrs. C said to go downstairs and pull the power on the router to reset it.
“It is the power cord on the box up top with the three antennae.”
I have not reset the router since we got an upgrade from the cable company, but I’m pretty sure I know how to pull a power plug.
The set with the three antennae had several cords. I pulled all of them and it didn’t seem to make a difference.  There is another box on the desk, the box that I used to pull the power to restart the router.  I pulled that plug and any lit light became unlit.  Count to ten (I have no idea why) re-plug, and lights slowly started to re-flash.
“Got it!”
I went upstairs.
“It should be working now.”
“Still the same, did you pull the plug on box up top like I said?”
“I pulled every plug that went into that box, it did nothing, I pulled the plug on the lower box and power went off, then I re-plugged it.  It should be good now!”
“You pulled the wrong plug.”
“I think I know how to pull a plug, I did all those and got squat.  You are such a damn know-it-all!”
“Stop yelling.”
“I’m not yelling!” OK, I was yelling, but she can be so frustrating.
“Screw it, we can live without the internet for a while, it is probably a problem with the cable company.”
“It is not the cable company, everything else works.”
“What, now you are an expert on how all that stuff works?”
“Stop yelling.”
“I’m not yelling!” OK, I was yelling.
I went downstairs again to retreat to my man cave and just for giggles I double checked the cords in the upper box.  There was a cord marked power that I had overlooked.  I pulled that, counted to ten and re-plugged it.  Lights came to life that I had not seen before.  I checked my computer and I had access.
I then sent Mrs. C a text, “I may have been wrong.”
I could hear that know-it-all laugh from two floors away.


  1. Ohhhh....I think I would have just kept it to myself. ;)

  2. You would have been my hero for admitting that you MAY have been wrong, but especially for getting the internet back. I might have even hesitated before calling you a jerk.

  3. That would be a hard one to admit, but had you not she would have known anyways.

  4. I would suggest that Mrs C do her own cord pulling from now on.

  5. Thanks for the smiles. Hmmm now I know how my Joe felt .........

  6. DH wouldn't have said a word. He is never wrong. Good for you!

  7. Hey, that's something not everyone is good at. Admitting defeat and just chalking it up and moving on. It took me years.

  8. ha ha, Mrs C would have known you were wrong anyway!

  9. Well it takes a big man to admit that he may not have been right.

  10. At least you solved the problem without having to call the cable company. That's never a fun think.

  11. It takes a strong, very secure, awesome person to admit when they're wrong...just ask Jack.

  12. You did a good job going back to check. She should have been happy.

  13. I would have kept my mouth shut and just mumbled something about how it takes a little time for all the connections to reconnect and sync up.


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