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Monday, January 29, 2018


I admit to having an unfair bias toward the entertainment industry.  It bothers me that many people in this industry are given credit for their intelligence and empathy to an extent that their opinions seem to be held in higher esteem than that of “ordinary” citizens.
I think Cher is a very talented lady and I love her style and voice.  I’m sure she is intelligent, I suspect you need to be strong and intelligent to succeed in such a tough industry where there are so many talented people.  Still, I really don’t understand why her opinions are news.
Robert De Niro is a terrific actor with the depth to take a gangster, or a comedic role.  He is of course entitled to his opinions, but why are his opinions news?
I love Meryl Streep, perhaps the most talented actress of our or any other time.  She must also be very intelligent.  She is entitled to her opinions, but once again, why are her opinions news?
Why are entertainers held in such elevated regard?
Why do people complain that an NFL quarterback or MLB centerfielder gets paid millions when teachers get paid so little? 
“They are paid a fortune for playing a game and teachers are molding young lives!”
Fair enough, there are many occupations that may be socially more valuable than others that are rewarded less based on many economic and social factors.  It is an issue which I suppose communism attempted to solve with not such great results.  (I’m pretty sure Russian athletes were rewarded more than Russian teachers.)
But, if this social issue bothers people so much, why do I never hear complaints that Tom Cruise makes 15 million dollars per picture for pretty much just being ruggedly handsome in shoes with lifts?
Hmmm…I may have just slipped off the track, but so what, it’s my blog.
So, while I am miffed with all the adoration that is heaped on entertainers and the weight that is given to their opinions, it is not their fault, it is our fault for giving a damn about what these people think.  They live in a fantasy land.
Well, that feels better, I just had a rant building up and it needed release. 
Now after beating on these talented people who give themselves rewards almost every week, let me address those that started me on this rant. I would like to give praise to a group of entertainers who we see every day and yet are virtual unknowns.  I suspect they are rewarded financially, but they get no statues. 
Actors in commercials.*  
Not the famous ones we will probably see in this year’s Super Bowl, people that steal jobs from lesser actors because we will buy beer just because someone famous tells us to buy that beer…arghh…I still have more rant left.
Anyway, here is a shout out to the Progressive Insurance actress Flo, and AT+T’s Lily, and the Geico “Mayhem” dude.  These and many others are great character actors that deserve awards. 

Mayhem Dude 
And I wish to nominate my favorite commercial actor of the year, the Washington crossing the Delaware Turnpike dude.  I laugh every time I see his fantastic reading of the line,
“We’ve all got places to go!  We’ve all got places to go!”

As we approach the greatest day of the year for commercials, Super Bowl Sunday, what are your nominations for best performances in a commercial?
*This is the subject I intended to address before I slipped into a rant, it is all part of my ADD.
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  1. That GEICO commercial had me literally LOL. As a matter of fact, GEICO commercials, as a whole, are superb. I think myfavorite actor i a commercial is still the guy in the Alka Seltzer "speecy, spicy meatball" ad from back in the 60's.

    1. “Meekly, micey, that’s a some a spicey meat a ball!”
      Another was:
      “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”

  2. You have me with you on this. Just because you are famous and therefore have a platform for your opinion does not make your opinion news.

    My favorite commercial ever, i believe, was Mean Joe Green and The Kid.

  3. Right now I'm loving that GEICO Game Night with a Sloth commercial. I don't think that sloth is real, so I guess we can't consider him an actor. But he sure is entertaining.

    I like those commercials with Flo when she plays all the different characters. Mayhem is always good, even for those two weeks when he was more like Safety.

  4. I don't know the names of the actors involved but one of my favourite commercials, (no longer being aired) is a woman dancing barefoot on her brand new carpet and her husband who comes in and sees her, joins in and dances with her.
    There are other commercials I really like but don't recall them apart from the 'banana' one available on you tube, "bana-nana-nana, make those bodies sing"
    Most commercials that feature famous faces get ignored by me. There aren't many of them out here, commercials by famous people I mean.

  5. I'm always impressed by the kids in those Halo orange commercials. They all creep me out, which isn't something kids normally and naturally do! Great acting skills esp. considering their ages.

  6. It has gotten to the point where some of the commercials are more fun to watch than the shows. Here in 'Canaday' we have Gary the Canadian Tire Guy......he's becoming a national icon lol.

  7. Hmm. I have had similar rants and I never watch those award shows because I really don't care. Good grief, I am becoming a cranky old lady.

  8. I don't pay attention to these people. Being an actor doesn't make their opinion about things any more important than anyone else's opinion. Some of them are so rude and crude that it's a turn off about three words in.

    Commercials? We don't have television (cable or the like) so we don't have commercials. We're good with that. I do remember many of the Budweiser commercials. They are my favorites.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. I am disqualified. I tape all my shows so I can zip through the commercials. I'm too old to waste 20 minutes out of every hour of TV watching being sold stuff. Messymimi did remind me of one I loved from the old days with Mean Joe Green and The Kid. Of course that did involve a star in Mean Joe. Sorry.

  10. Queenie hates when I say it, but my motto has been "If a celebrity endorses/pushes/wants it it's probably a bad idea.".

    Local news types make a huge deal outta the fact that Flo went to the local uni, Binghamton University. Like yeah, she was here for oh about 4 years, let's all be proud of that! And then, she left .... and THEN she got famous. ;-)

    Sure wish they'd make more of a deal about a fella by the name of Rod Serling.....

    Mayhem is my hero!!

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