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Saturday, January 27, 2018


It’s time again for
Outer Space to be specific...that would be my guess
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.
Doughnut-eating contest winner arrested after doughnut shop robbery – This guy really likes his doughnuts!
Malia Obama spotted with new boyfriend, former 'head boy' of posh British prep school – I’m going to assume that title is a good thing in the UK, but he might want to keep it on the QT in the US.
Blind Long Snapper Jake Olson Tweets Video, Enters Name into USC QB Competition – This guy is amazing, but as QB it would be extra difficult protecting his blind side.
 Minnesota Viking’s Adam Thielen's Back Injury Diagnosed as Fractures; He Was in 'Incredible Pain' – This is another reason I couldn’t play in the NFL, I used to call in sick with a head cold!
Hawaii Gov. David Ige said he and his team took so long to post a message to social media about the recent missile alert being a false alarm because he didn't know his Twitter username and password.Serious stuff, yet relatable and pretty funny.
ShotSpotter technology makes dent in Chicago's crime - but raises privacy concerns – This is awful! You should be entitled to fire a gun in a heavily populated city in complete privacy.
Readington Loses Engineer – They need to ask, “Where was the last place we had our engineer?”
New Jersey couple gets married in women's bathroom at courthouse – And people don’t think of New Jersey as a romantic place!
'El Chapo' promises not to kill any jurors – As comforting as that assurance is, I’d still be very ill on jury selection day.
New York City bar bans customers who use the word 'literally' – So, basically if you actually use the word literally you will literally be thrown out.

Eating some sandwiches causes global warming, scientists say – Scientists also point out people exhaling Co2 is warming the planet and they should breath less.

NYPD officers help wheelchair-bound veteran, 85, left shivering in front of steps – Cops are tops, help Pops!
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  1. i am pondering upon the last one

  2. He didn't know his twitter name. The problems of modern leadership...

  3. I wonder if we could get that bar to ban people who use the word 'awesome'....I'd go to a bar like that. It wold be awesome.

  4. I literally saw that story on the news yesterday, I guess this bar is somewhat known for policies like this. I wonder how many of us would be kicked out?

    I am really impressed with the New York police officers who carried the wheelchair bound man into his home, I am even more impressed that they are keeping up with him and are trying to raise money to build a wheelchair ramp.

  5. Bwahahahahahahahaha. The world is crazy and then some.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  6. Hum, wonder if they have a 12 step program for donut addiction? Got the giggles at your calling in sick with a head cold.

  7. Maybe if the scientists stop breathing, the stupid quotient in the world will go down just a bit.

  8. I could see that password thing happening to me! "reset your password" enters password "wrong password" requests new password "can't use previous password" (gives up)

  9. My 13-year-old self agrees with your advice for the former "head boy."

  10. New Jersey couple gets married in women's bathroom... Well, clearly they couldn't do it in a North Carolina bathroom, on account of men not being allowed in women's bathroom... ;-)