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Sunday, May 14, 2017



This cranky re-run is from May 2013
The other day I was in the kitchen with Mrs. Cranky.  Now keep in mind, I do my share of work around the Cranky house.  I vacuum, I sweep, I am the bathroom cleaner, I do the dishes and I empty the dishwasher.  I am the grill master. I don’t do windows.  Anyway, the other day I am in the kitchen with Mrs. Cranky and she says to me:

“When are you going to pick that up?”

“Pick what up?”

“Look at your feet.”


Don’t you see that?”

“See what.”

“Oh my God…LOOK, right by your feet!”

I look down at my feet and sure enough there is a gubba*

“When are you going to pick that up?  It’s been there for three days?”

“Well if you have been seeing it for three days, why didn’t you pick it up?”

“Because I wanted to see how long you would just keep stepping over it and never pick it up!”

“But, if I didn’t see it how would I pick it up?  What is worse, my not seeing it or you seeing it and waiting for me to pick it up?”

“How could you NOT see it!?**

“How could you see it and NOT pick it up!?”

Cause I wanted to see how long it would take for you to see it!”

“Well now you still don’t know cause you pointed it out to me.”

“Well are you going to pick it up?”

“You saw it first, you pick it up!”

“But it’s your mess!”

“How do you know it’s my mess?”

“Because if I drop something I know it!”

“Except when you drop something and you don’t know it.”

“You’re a jerk!”

The Gubba remains today in that same spot on the kitchen floor.  No one will pick it up.  Yesterday Mrs. C vacuumed around it.  This summer the ants will probably clean it up…that is if it is something edible. 

I don’t know what it is…it’s a Gubba!

*Gubba – any tiny stupid unidentified thing which serves no apparent purpose is a “Gubba.”

**!? – Emphatic question.


  1. My sister in law years ago when her kids were young purposefully left a Lego on the floor that they were supposed to have cleaned up after playing with Legos, wondering if they would ever get around to picking it up. When I was visiting and mentioned it, she told me her experiment. At that point in time, it was six weeks. I am not sure if she gave in or they eventually noticed it. I can't take sides here between you and Mrs. Cranky, but I hope you get us an update down the road with the status of the Gubba.


  2. It's a no-win situation unless one of you bends down to pick up the Gubba. Please let us know how long it takes. Oh, and thanks for the link - my knowledge about Gubbas goes from nil to Oh!!

  3. You vacuum and sweep, Mrs C also vacuums. With both of you doing the cleaning how has ANYTHING managed to stay on the floor for even one day, let alone three? Totally incomprehensible.

  4. Gubba ... sounds like one of DH's stinky socks that he ignores ...

  5. Wasn't this an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond, only with a suitcase?

  6. In our house it's cat messes that get ignored. First one to see it should clean it, so no one sees it.

  7. Well thanks for putting the word TINY in there, otherwise I mighta thought i was a Gubba ....

  8. I think we may have more than one Gubba here. I'm pretty sure about that. I also know that hubby and I won't be having your conversation though. You two crack me up.

    Please let me know what, if anything, happens to your Gubba.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. Oh yes I think we have had similar conversations in our house.....

  10. Loved your "you saw it first" rationale. You two will never have to deal with boredom.

  11. It's a good thing you're just a jerk instead of a gubba!!

  12. You're dancin' with the devil mister :)

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  14. I have wood floors in my kitchen so the Gubba can't be seen by the human eye - only blacklabs can see them and I hear they are quite a tasty treat for dogs.

  15. Bijoux beat me to it - it reminded me of the episode on Everybody loves Raymond!

  16. Omgosh. We've had this debate in our home COUNTLESS times. I think eventually the Gubba runs off. I don't know. Just one day it's gone.