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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Meryl The Squirrel Part II

Meryl The Squirrel Update Part II

If you care to catch up, read:


The night after I closed the hole, I heard no scratching.  Meryl did not return and apparently there were no other family members.  So I thought.  In the morning, I went to double check the covered hole.  There were aluminum chips all over and the hole was exactly as it was before I covered it.  (pic)
Did Meryl chew his way out, or chew his way back in? 
“Scratch, scratch, scratch” Question answered…the little dickens.
I waited again for Meryl to leave.  At one point I heard no scratching and then I saw Meryl approach the screen door. 
“Ah ha! He is out!”
I again went to cover the hole, but first sprayed some rabbit/deer repellent in and around the hole.  A squirrel is a rodent like a rabbit, this stuff should discourage him…I hope.  While I was doing this, Mrs. C must have told me at least three times.
“He will only chew his way back in if he wants.”
And I explained to her at least three times,
“But if any squirrels are in the nest I know they can get out and if it remains un-chewed, I’ll know no squirrel decided to return.”
“It’s going to take something stronger to keep them out!”
“Yes, but…never mind, just let me try this one more time.”
“OK, but it won’t work.”
Sometimes rather than explain something one more time to someone who does not want to listen, the best answer is, “…”
Patched hole
Now I wait.  Hopefully there will be no more scratching, and in the morning the aluminum will be undisturbed showing that the repellent works.
Fingers crossed.
He chewed back in at night. 
OK, so now I completely removed the screen that he uses like a Velcro ladder.  He is a squirrel and if he wants it bad enough he will find a way to leap across fences and onto the eave to get back in, but no reason to make it easy for him.  When I am sure the eave is empty I will block it with something more sturdy.  Along with the rodent repellent, I threw in a fist full of mothballs, another known deterrent.  This time I just stuffed a plastic bag in the hole.  If the bag was still in place in the morning I will assume he has given up and then use a more permanent un-chewable hole cover.
Fingers crossed.
In the morning, the bag was still in place.  With all the repellent, and no scratching I am sure there are no squirrels in the eave.  Either the repellent or the “ladder” removal or both has done the trick.  
I closed up the hole with a steel plate and we emailed the association to have someone come and do the job more professionally.  But I am sure my new friend Meryl has been evicted.
Fingers crossed.

If you think I am mean, this was my fraternity friend Capt. Don’s solution:

Two days later, Meryl has been successfully and mercifully evicted. 


  1. I hope that works! Sure did get a chuckle from your friend's video. (poor squirrel)

  2. Man's inhumanity to...?
    Oh, wait, it's a squirrel.

  3. HaHa, flying squirrel. It's probably not funny to the squirrel, but I'd say it's an excellent deterrent.
    I'm glad you solved the Meryl problem before he invited his family to move in.

  4. You have to give credit to squirrels for their incredible perseverance.

  5. I've just been back to read Meryls story (I haven't been reading much lately). I'm kind of sad there won't be any more update but I don't think I'd want a squirrel in my house either. My sisters cat brought one in once and it got behind the downstairs toilet and barked at her! Her (very brave) son eventually just picked it up and took it outside.

  6. There is nothing cruel about telling a wild animal it cannot live in one of our houses. They belong out in the wild, not chewing up our homes. While i can't see the pic of your friend's solution, i can promise yours was a good one, and not cruel at all.

  7. i am glad that finally he got evicted ,enjoyed your story so much though.
    enjoyed the video too .
    i never tried such method as i don't know how to do this ,so smart,funny and interesting .hope little naughty enjoyed his ride

  8. Congratulations of a successful eviction.

  9. Hopefully he won't find another part of your roof to move in. It could happen. Squirrels are stubborn.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. Glad to hear you outsmarted a rodent!

  11. I didn't want to laugh at Capt Don's video and yet I had to. :) Aw, no more Meryl stories but at least your home is safe from the whole fam damily moving in. :)

  12. Phew, finally out smarted Meryl. Those little rascles are smart and athletic. Mean? Naw, in fact you were gentle compared to your friend. Glad your castle is now safe.

  13. trapping in live trap with a dab of peanut butter works for us and then releasing them into woods far away;

  14. Well hopefully it works. I like squirrels but they haven't ever been a nuisance either.

  15. Capt. Don's set up an amusement park ride!! Are there more squirrels waiting in line to go on?

  16. A squirrel's gotta do what a squirrel's gotta do. I don't think you're rid of Meryl that easily.

  17. I can tell you from experience. You have not seen the last of that squirrel. I snorted red wine on my computer monitor when I watched your friend's solution :)

  18. We had to block off the tops of some stone columns with (first) brass Buddha statues and later large rocks to discourage birds from nesting there. Strange conclusion: the Buddhas worked better than the rocks!

  19. I have to agree with Rick, Meryl will most likely be back, you may look into a squirrel catapult.

  20. At least you didn't have to nurse a bandaged-up squirrel back to health a la George Costanza... :-)