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Monday, May 15, 2017

Not MY Pillow

Not MY Pillow
In this country we have way too much time on our hands.  The things we find to complain about or feel cheated about, boggles the mind.  The latest is a big hoo-ha over claims by the much advertised “My Pillow.”
Here are some My Pillow claims:
My Pillow claims it is the best and last pillow you will ever own.  You will sleep better without neck pain, wake refreshed, have better self-esteem, make more money and marry a supermodel. 
My pillow claims it is the "Official Pillow of the National Sleep Foundation."
The founder took 10 years to develop a patented fill that is washable and dryable and maintains it’s shape.
The Complaints of false advertizing:
The founder of My Pillow is not a sleep expert.
My Pillow is a PILLOW…it will not change your life.
AND…horrors of horrors-
My Pillow advertised that you buy one and get one free while they really just raised the price of one pillow so you really are buying two pillows at one price.
There have been law suits over the My Pillow rip-off and My Pillow settled basically by giving everyone involved a $5 settlement and probably the lawyers several hundred thousand dollars.
Thank God we are saved from this deceptive advertising.

It is a pillow people! It cost about $50.  A good pillow cost from 40 – 80 dollars, so it’s in range.
Does anyone, except a complete idiot, really believe a pillow will change their life?
Does anyone not know that if you pay enough money you can have your product endorsed by an impressive sounding organization.   The National Sleep Foundation was probably started by the My Pillow developer…who cares?
Who is a sleep expert?  Are there colleges offering majors is “Sleep Expert?” How is that even an occupation?  Who cares?
It took ten years to develop this pillow?  Who would brag about this?
Why am I even posting about a stupid pillow? 
I was just fascinated that the company was sued because their pitch buy-one-get-one-free was deceptive.  DUH!  I’m pretty sure every-buy-one-get-one-free has a catch.  In some cases the free item comes with an inflated shipping and handling fee, in some cases the price of one is inflated.  Who cares?
So now after much legal wrangling and several wealthier lawyers the pillow buying public is saved from the My Pillow deceptive claim “Buy-one-get-another pillow free.” 
The current ad claims you can buy two pillows at one low price!
There, that’s better.
It’s a pillow for crap sake!


  1. Yesterday I saw the My Pillow guy advertising a new pillow for dogs! We'll see how he does with that one. My guess is people love their dogs so much they won't mind spending a bundle on one.

  2. I fell for that and bought one it does sleep better after I bought a new case to put it in, I was surprised at the messy looking stuff that was the filling in it when I cut it open to put in the new case.

  3. I have thought about getting one of these, but always tell myself "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

  4. It's sort of amazing that people still can't tell when advertising is conducting puffery. McDonld's won't really bring your family closer, the new episode of "Law and Order" isn't the most gripping TV episode ever, and a pillow won't save your life.

    This isn't science. It's a pillow.

  5. Some nights I will do anything for a good night of sleep and not be plagued by insomnia, but this pillow always seemed a bit suspicious to me. Lavender essential oil, though; that I can see some benefit from and its certainly a lot cheaper than a pillow, even if you can get two for the price of one.


  6. I don't listen much to TV ads when I actually watch TV instead of a DVD, I don't think I've seen a pillow ad for quite some time. I usually buy my pillows when they are on sale at K-Mart or Big W, a twin pack for $15 or a four pack for $25. The type doesn't make much difference, if I can't sleep well it's usually my fault, neck stiffness for instance, and has nothing to do with the pillow.

  7. I used the same pillow for years and years, until it finally became so flat it could hardly be called a pillow. Then I bought a new one and now I lie there listening to the noise as the 'filling' settles into a new position. Duh!

  8. Too much, isn't it? My husband is an attorney and the corporation he works for is constantly in court over every damn advertisement. However, it's never consumers complaining; it's always the competitors. Apparently, you can't use any adjective anymore without someone asking you to prove your claims.

  9. A good mattress is far more important than my pillow.

    There are so many non-experts that know nothing about the product, but only care about the money rolling in.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  10. Ooh, ohh, where can I get one?? I wanna change my life for the better right now!! Here, take my money please!!!

    The law is the one (and maybe only) place that can make new and exciting markets out of thin air .....

  11. There are lavendar scented pillows, temperature adjusting pillows, lumbar support pillows magic memory foam pillows and yes, my pillows.........I think really, if you are tired enough you'll sleep even if you lay your head on a rock but hey, if you like throwing money away on fancy schmancy pillows....go for it. Just don't complain if you get ripped off.

  12. $50 for a freaking pillow? (Even two?) Wow ...just wow.
    Must be for sale for the next batch falling off the turnip truck.

  13. Should I cancel my (non-existent) order?

  14. You are right, it's just a pillow. How that lawsuit got through is beyond me when hundreds of As Seen On TV items are priced that way.

  15. I saw a sign outside a bar (probably on the Internet) that said "Buy one beer and get your second one at the same price!"

  16. I was curious but the price turned me off. He would have to come into my home and rock me to sleep for that price.

  17. I NEED a new pillow. I have been having neck pain for months now. I keep forgetting. I think this post will remind me, to go to Costco and get the 2 pillows I saw and I think will work for me. 2 for $21.99. Or buy one for $21.99 and get the other FREE. Wow, that's a better deal than MY PILLOW.

  18. When I was in high school and spent the night at a girlfriend's house, the girlfriend's mom showed me where I'd be sleeping, followed by, "We don't use pillows." Obviously they thought it wasn't good for your spine or something.

  19. My sister bought this very pillow at JoAnn's "on sale" for $60, add the 50% coupon and now it's only $30. Either way. She got it home and HATED it. She said it wasn't comfortable at all. The only thing this pillow changed was the amount of money she had in her wallet. - My dad only slept on feather pillows. I tried that once and it wasn't for me. My family laughs at me because I could literally use an envelope for a pillow. I don't like my head to be surround by a big fluffy cloud. Hahaha