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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mrs. Cranky and the Lady Step-crank

Mrs. Cranky and the Lady Step-crank

The lady Step-crank (Cassie) dropped buy for a day this weekend.   Mothers and Daughter’s can be fun when they don’t have a Dr. Phil intervention relationship.   It is always a trip when these two get together. 

Mrs. C claims to be a cold-hearted mom, and in ways she is, but her progeny seem to gravitate to her for advice and a shoulder; especially Cassie.

First, a little background:  Cassie is a college graduate, under 30, very pretty, very talented and living in NYC on her own.  She is a terrific young lady, even if she sometimes phones and wakes up the house at 2 am looking for some motherly advice.  When she visits, I think she looks for a little pampering that she does not get in the City such as a nice breakfast served to her on a platter and a nice shower with plenty of hot water and a bathroom without apartment-roommate crowding.

I think she also looks forward to a little mother-daughter conversation.  As an innocent bystander, I also enjoy these talks.

For instance these gems all occurred within a 12 hour period of time.

Cassie: “Years ago you told me instead of being a big fish in a little pond; I should just be a fish in a pond.  I still don’t know what the hell that means.”

Mrs. C.  “Just sometimes it’s better to blend in, and no one wants to put you in a net!”

Cassie: “Well that clears it all up.”


Mrs. C: “Someday you‘ll be sitting across from your daughter and thinking ‘what a little bitch.’”

Cassie: “Great, now I get to tell my daughter ‘Grandma called you a bitch before you were even born.’”


Mrs. C: “I remember when we had to clean out your college apartment and SOMEONE had a bad hangover.”

Cassie: “Are you ever going to let that one go?”

Mrs. C: “You’re always complaining about me, give me something!”


Some stuff Cassie had to post on Facebook:

Mom: ...and seriously, don't get into the wrong Uber. I saw a Lifetime movie called "The Wrong Car", and this girl; she got in THE WRONG CAR. So don't get into the wrong car!

Cassie...*She has a point, but I don't think I've laughed this hard at a Lifetime movie reference before.*

And this gem which somehow included me.

Cassie...Mom, are you dancing to Trap Queen* right now?!

Mom: What! It's got a great beat! *dances in the car*

Step Dad: What's he singing about smoking? Bopity-opu?  Does he mean dope? I want whatever he's smoking it sounds fun!

Cassie... *dies in the backseat*

*Apparently Trap Queen is a rap group

Only one day in the sit-com I call my life. 


  1. How many seasons has it been running now?

  2. And you said I should be on telly - I'd watch your sit-com any day!

  3. Sounds to me like they have a good, honest, working relationship.

  4. Adult daughters are fun, much preferable over teen daughters!

  5. I think Mrs. Cranky is a wonderful mother! Cassie seems pretty comfortable to call at 2 a.m., so that I think is a good sign she is!


  6. Your life would make a terrific sitcom.

  7. Every day is a sit-com at your house. That's why I visit here all the time because I want to keep up with said sit-com.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  8. Living in a sitcom has the advantage that laughter makes you live longer. Or is it just that it seems longer?

  9. How nice for you to just be in the audience enjoying for a change and not the star.
    Ya know, that pond thing does make sense.

  10. thanks for sharing the laughs. my fave was 'she called you a bitch before you were born!' :)

  11. It sounds like your wife has a great relationship with her daughter - any relationship that is OK with occasional 2 a.m. phone calls is worth its weight in gold!

  12. I'm pretty sure your sit-com has been renewed for another season.

  13. Your life is rich, my friend. Just sit back and enjoy it. Don't try to understand it.

  14. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

  15. I'm not really into the "blonde" jokes, so I don't know why it popped into my mind. :)

    I'll bet you begin to gather blog post material as soon as step-crank comes into the door.


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