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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Men Shopping for Clothes

Men Shopping for Clothes

I had to shop for casual pants on Sunday.  Mrs. C took me to Kohl’s as they were having a sale.  She pretty much took me kicking and screaming even though I do need new pants.  All my old slacks are too small (from day’s gone bye) or too large (after losing weight this last year.)

I knew my waist size, but did not know for sure the length.  I like Dockers, just because I have had them before.  They come in many styles, Standard, Relaxed fit, or Classic…straight, pleated or cuffed…tan, white, black or in between.

Mrs. C pulled out a sample of just about every choice and directed me to the changing room to try them on.  I insisted this was not needed, I thought I knew the length and style I wanted.  She was not having it.  I whined and complained that I was going to miss the golf match if I took too long.  

I was told to try them all on and then check back with her; meanwhile she was going to browse.  I knew I had to try them all; if I returned with any pair perfectly folded she would know I did not put them on.

Off she went a browsing.

Off I went to the changing booth.

It must have been “Husbands Shopping for Clothes” Sunday, as the room was backed up with cranky complaining men and their wives.  I waited with about eighteen pairs of pants piled high on my arms.

Inside booth 1 “These are fine, just a little snug.”

Outside the booth “Try on the 42’s you’ve gained weight.”

“These are fine.”

“No they are not, try the other size.”

The wife glanced at me and rolled her eyes.  I just gave her a knowing shrug.

Inside booth 2 “These are good, a little long, but they are fine.”

Outside the booth, “No they are not fine, try on the other size.”

“I don’t like the color of the other pair.”

“Wait, I’ll find your color.”

“No these are ok.”

“You just wait, I’ll be back.”

As she walked away she looked at me and rolled her eyes.  I returned the eye roll with a knowing shrug.

She returned my knowing shrug with a comment,

“Men…well at least someone knows how to shop for clothes!”

I guess, because Mrs. C was not with me, these woman thought I was the one man in the store that knew how to shop without complaining.

When Mrs. C came back we squabbled for a bit before we (she) decided which pairs I should buy.

I only missed the first three holes of the Master golf tournament.


  1. At least there were 15 more holes you did get to see :)

    I think clothes shopping is always something good to do alone. I think there are less arguments that way and probably more saved marriages.


  2. I don't remember clothes shopping with my husband, he always had clothes, so he must have shopped, but not with me.

  3. Shopping with my husband was so awful I barred him from accompanying me or me him.

  4. I'm married to the weird breed of man who loves to shop and has twice as many clothes as I do.

  5. Bijoux, so am i! He also has more shoes than any person needs, and is complaining that he has to have new boots.

  6. My mother used to buy my dad's clothes, bring them home to be tried on, return them for a different size, if necessary.

  7. I'm reminded of a cartoon: A man has brought his young son into a clothing store. He says to the boy, "Remember, we're men. We pick one thing, we buy it--we don't look around!!"

  8. Shopping for pants is the worst, especially if you're overweight and you can't buy off the rack because your inseam is so damn short.

  9. I would not have my husband accompany me when I am shopping for clothes. I do, however, go with him when he shops for some things -- like trousers, for example. (If I say 'pants' my British husband thinks I mean underwear!) He, too, likes Dockers -- for the same reason you like them! The trick is finding the style he likes -- I think it's without a pleat. For most of his shopping he waits until we visit the States and he heads for Penneys or Sears.

    Britain is ecstatic about the Masters result -- as you can imagine! Breakfast television presenters had been up all night watching!

  10. I'm happy to say my husband can shop for his own clothes and he does. I'm very lucky. I can shop for mine without any help too.

    I will admit I've seen and heard these very things and worse while women are trying to help their husbands buy some decent clothes.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. I usually shop for my own clothes and then put up with the critical comments when I get home.

  12. Be grateful she cares enough to bully you. Trust me, you will look better for it. Women are generally born with the better fashion eye. You guys are superior at picking out car tires.

  13. My husband buys his jeans at Goodwill. Along with a lot of junk that he calls treasures.

  14. If you think this experience is bad, you should try shopping for prom dresses with three teenage daughters!

  15. I hate shopping for clothes, everything about it. Picking out clothes, trying them on, etc. If I could make the rules, we all would wear the Star Trek type uniforms. Seven identical outfits in the closet for everybody, nothing else. That's my idea of heaven.


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