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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stupid Headlines 011016

Stupid Headlines 011016

It is time again for
Pretty much sums up the whole cat/dog thing


 This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.  


Fight breaks out among anti-violence activists in New Jersey – Fighting in New Jersey is recreation, not violence.

Utah dating website for white people only turns heads – Turned heads are all looking to see if there are any black people in Utah.

ISIS issues rules for raping, enslaving women – Tell me again why we have to be careful not to offend radical Islamic terrorists.

Male bass are experiencing unwanted sex changes – This does not bode well for the next Jenneration of bass.

Kitten who was dyed purple and used as chew toy has emergency surgery – I am not a cat person, but I still want to know: Why isn’t someone in jail for this?

Clinton struggles to explain difference between socialist, Democrat – A socialist believes in the principals of socialism. Socialism is a political ideology and movement which has proposed a set of social and economic measures, policies and systems characterized by social ownership.  A Democrat believes in advocating the principals of socialism in order to win elections. (Oh relax; it’s a joke…mostly.)

PETA sues to give monkey the copyright of selfie photos – You have got to be kidding!  I think this was a fake headline last year.

Greyhound driver reportedly leaves riders in bus while he naps at hotel – It’s such a comfort to take the bus and leave the sleeping to us.

How the 'male pill' could actually work – So when someone tells you to grow a set, there is a pill for that?

First ever 'Made in Ghana' cars are built to survive anything – Nothing says quality like the ‘Made in Ghana’ label.

Putin shows off by throwing members of Russia's judo team to the groundEither Putin is really good or the team members didn’t want a radioactive dinner.

California woman finds bloody fingertip in her salad at Applebee's – I guess she wanted finger food.

Sorry Pixel, I looked and looked, Florida had a slow news week.


Come back next week for more:



  1. Jenneration of bass. Hahaha! Good one! And I agree, put the guy who who dyed the kitten purple in a cold, dark, deep prison cell.

  2. These were really good ones Cranky. Some good giggles. I'm with you on the kitten though.

  3. I was going to make a comment about your Jenneration of bass being the funniest line in this post. I see Lowandslow beat me to it.

    Regarding Florida, I believe you just didn't look hard enough. :-)

  4. omg, the bass jenneration had me!

  5. UGH, I saw the kitty thing. I hope they catch the @$$holes responsible!

  6. Except for the kitten - hilarious!


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