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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Facebook Observation

A Facebook Observation

I am a big fan of Facebook.  I know that for many people my age Facebook is disliked, it is not to be trusted; it is something evil that is ruining the younger generations.

RT – Crap I just said younger generation(s), like now I have more than one younger generation to bitch about.

Many seniors believe Facebook is so intrusive that strangers can watch what you are doing through your computer.  I believe none of those things.  Except for pictures of food, annoying political crap and those stupid “I’m an Elm, what kind of tree are you” quizzes, I think Facebook is great.

I can keep in touch with my friends, children, and grandchildren through Facebook.  I can get in touch with old friends I haven’t seen or heard from in years.  I have even made a few friends from years gone by that I never knew years gone by.

Lately I have made a Facebook observation. 

People that are my age that I reconnected with, look and act exactly as I remember them, give or take a wrinkle and a pound or two.

People that I reconnected with who are older than I, now seem really, really old.

The people that throw me for a loop are those who I knew as young friends of my kids.  It seems that no matter what, it is difficult to see people you knew as teens or younger who are now grown adults and not still picture them as those kids you used to know.

I usually see these kids from posts or comments to my sons' or daughter's page.

My reactions?

“Holy shit! Darren Baker is a policeman?  He was the biggest delinquent in town.”

“No crap, Sara McCormack is a school teacher with two kids, wasn’t she a little Tom boy that got caught smoking in the girls room?”

“Bobby Lesterman is a doctor? That little shit! When did he get his head straight?”

“I can’t believe Annie Clemp got out of rehab, she was a goody two-shoes.”

“Peter Thompson ran the Marathon?  Wasn’t he always called Fat, Fat, the Water Rat?”

People change, but for the most part from the age of maybe 25 to forever they are essentially the same person.  A person under the age of 25 often goes through a metamorphosis and develops into a person you could have never envisioned.

At least that is my Facebook observation.


  1. I don't do facebook, not because I'm paranoid about everyone there seeing into my life, well okay that's one reason, but mostly I see it as a waste of time and I do enough time wasting already.

  2. No matter what I always see the people I went to school with exactly as they were in school. I know we're all older but I just don't see it.. Now my kids' friends.. They ALWAYS throw me for a loop! Of course it's most difficult to see my 32 yr. old son sprouting a stray gray hair in his beard.. When did that flippin' happen???

  3. No Facebook for me! My place of employment frowns upon it. We were specifically told not to use it several years ago. Of course I am one of the few rule-followers.

  4. I'm with you on this one Joe, damn near 100%. It's a great way to stay in touch with the kids, old friends and new.

  5. I never got interested in Facebook; I heard zillions of people did.

  6. I'm starting to do that with kids I babysat for. I'm like you're old enough to drink now? Yesh I'm getting old.

  7. I barely have time to tend to my poor, neglected blog; when would I ever find time to do Facebook?

    Altho, I'm with you as re old friends. It never ceases to amaze me how, when I go to class reunions and the like, I just slide back into the same comfortable relationships we had back in school, for the most part. . .

  8. Facebook is okay. I can't say that I love it, but it serves a purpose. I get to talk to people that I otherwise wouldn't talk to. That makes up for the ads and other annoyances.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. My best to Mrs. C. ☺

  9. You're right as usual, Cranky. Facebook is what you make it. I keep my friends close and they are mostly far away family I want to communicate with on a regular basis. It's a good way to keep track of the lives of that "younger generation" who share their info on graduation, new babies, travels and big moments. And I've "liked" a few sites like NPR and some art places so I get news and occasional funny stuff to read when I have a moment to sit. As for OLD classmates...they can all go to not heaven, as Val would say.

  10. Yes, you never know how someone will turn out, things can change. No, i don't get on Facebook, it would be one more time drain for me.

  11. Sometimes, on F/B, I just want to comment, "Shut up!"

  12. i don't face, so i'll take your word for it. :)

  13. For me FB is really handy keeping current with distant family. Perfect for that. I do sneak around looking up old friends but am always so surprised at how they turned out I leave no trace. I could relate to several of your shocks. Mine were similar.
    "When did Maggie become a racist?"
    "Brian, you are my age so show it all ready. Cheesh!"
    "That pimpled faced boy that followed me around like a puppy dog is a neurosurgeon? No way."
    Sure don't want to hear what they would think about me so I remain in disguise under a fictitious name only my family knows.

  14. Facebook is a blessing and a curse. I have weened myself down from all social media, but I still like getting updates on what my friends are doing.

  15. I joined the website for my town and school, and am loving reading and viewing pictures of the past and the old school. And lately I've found lots of family members to catch up with. Fun!!


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