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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chicken Scratch Results

Chicken Scratch results
For those who give a dang, here are the answers to Mrs. C's chicken scratch.
The Agenda

Go to the bank
Go to staples
Go to shop-rite
Get dinner at Boston Market

The Shopping list

Left Column

English Muffins
YooHoo (Yogi Berra;s favorite drink)
Coffee creamer
Dishwasher detergent

Right Column

Lottery ticket
Floss (dental)
Zinc (vitamins)
Excedrin Tension pills
Soft Butter

The readers did not do much better than me.  No WHOOP-TEE-DOO's were awarded.


  1. I'll never get a whoop-tee-doo if I have to figure out your wife's lists. Yikes.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. It would be MUCH easier if Mrs. Cranky wrote in English!!

  3. Maybe you'd pay more attention to detail if she left that list under a towel on the counter...

  4. Had Mrs. C written e-mails to Hillary, no one would be able to read them, classified or not.


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