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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ban The F-Bomb

Ban The F-Bomb
The other night Mrs. C and I were watching a show where the main character, a famous writer who was having marital issues used the word “Fuck” a lot.  “This fucking this” “This fucking that” “Fuck it” “Fucking car” “Fucking stupid idiot” “Fuck you!”

In one short scene this dude said “Fuck” or “Fucking” about 37 times with a few “Shits” thrown in for good measure.

I am not a prude.  I use bad language in my posts from time to time, but I just felt this was ridiculous.

Years ago the use of the word “Fuck” made a joke funnier, a threat more ominous and a serious situation more serious.  The word has now been watered down.  Punctuating a joke with “Fucking” has lost its punch.  Insulting someone by putting “Fucking” in front of whatever insult you choose adds little extra insult.  Enhancing a point by using the word no longer enhances the point.  Even if you add the ever offensive “Mother-“ in front of the word it just no longer slaps you in the face like it used to.

It is not that I object to the word, it is just that the overuse has ruined the word.

As a young lad I never heard an adult use the word.  My dad never said it in my presence and certainly my mom never said it.  Back in the day, the F-Bomb was a bomb, seldom used but effective when delivered.  Currently the F-bomb is an F-izzle.

We no longer have a word in our linguistic arsenal that delivers the big punctuating blow.  No word that properly conveys the ultimate anger, a threat or is capable of shocking and getting instant attention.

A great verbal weapon has been defused and we have no replacement. 

I offer a new word to be used only as the ultimate threat and for ultimate shock value; “Framinate” or “Framinating!”

If someone really pisses you off, “Framinate you!” might be an appropriate retort to convey real anger.

If you lock yourself out of the house and you lost the key you can say “Gosh Framinating dang it!” to ease your frustration.

If your boss gives you a stupid assignment then he is a “Framinating idiot!”

That is it, problem solved.  We now have a new powerful word to properly express anger, fear or frustration.

Don’t fucking abuse it!


  1. laughing out loud! framinating - love it!

  2. Framinate? Sounds okay, I'll try and remember that next time I stub my toe.

  3. That was framinating fascinating!!

  4. Hi Cranky Man,

    How framinating DARE you! I've been using the word FRAMINATE for framinating years and you have STOLEN it from me!

    Have a Happy Framinating 2016, you grumpy old git.




  5. You are right that the word has lost its punch. My grandmother used it one time in her whole life, and when she did, everyone knew she meant it!

  6. The bomb words must be one syllable to be ugly and offensive. I have no suggestions to add, however.

  7. Yes, that word is way overused and it's not necessary. I hate watching shows where that word is dropped every other sentence.

    Hubby says Fe-doodle. That's his word and now it's mine. Hope you're okay with that and I promise to use it wisely.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. My best to Mrs. C. ☺

  8. My brother in law genuinely could not understand that word being used by a lady. He was just visiting and was not used to the term.

  9. You are's watered down. It's most effective when used sparingly.

    Framinate? How do you come up with stuff like that.

  10. That new word scares me. It's too close to fracking to make me comfortable.

  11. Framinating? That sounds refined. Like Grey Poupon. Heh, heh.