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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mrs. Cranky’s Peccadilloes

Mrs. Cranky’s Peccadilloes

Mrs. Cranky has many peccadilloes.  I won’t mention them, they are too silly.  I would not tell you how she cannot wear glasses, not even the 3-D glasses they give you at the movies.  I would not mention and embarrass her with a description of her watching said movies while holding the glasses up to her eye, but never actually wearing them.

Some people might find it strange for a person to prefer walking on the street rather than walking on a sidewalk.  Some might find it strange for a person to eat pudding by dipping and not scooping.  Is it strange that a person likes cooked spinach in ravioli, but will not eat it otherwise?  Well, I think so, but what do I know.

Anyway, of all Mrs. C’s strange peccadilloes, perhaps the strangest is that she puts up with me, so I am all for her peccadilloes.  I must say though, that on our recent cruise to Cozumel and Key West she floored me with a new one.

Before disembarking at Key West, we had to pass through a customs check, I guess because we had stopped off previously at Mexico.  We were required to report to deck 4 at 7:30 with our cruise card and passport. 

Before we left to see the customs people I dressed with shorts and a black tee shirt.  Mrs. C stopped me.  “You’re not going dressed like that are you?”

This was basically my attire every morning for breakfast.  Except for dinner, dress on the ship was very casual.

“Yes, this is how I planned to dress.  After we pass customs I thought we would go straight to breakfast.”

“Fine for breakfast, but you can’t dress like that for the customs check!”

“Why not? Why do I have to get dressed up to hand someone my passport?”

And here comes the Mrs. C answer and logic that keeps me on my toes so often.

“You can’t dress like that, these are Government Men!”

“So there is a dress code for ‘Government Men’?”

“Read the ship's directive.”

“It says do not wear a bathing suit or bathrobe.  Hmm, I don’t see anything about tee shirts.”

“Just put on a collared shirt…Jerk!”

I went to see the Government men with a golf shirt and shorts.  I guess my attire was acceptable; they took one look at my passport and waved me through.  Took all of about eight seconds.


  1. That's one even I've never heard of before!!

  2. Ok, that's odd. I do get the glasses one though (except for sunglasses which are basically fashion!) I have discovered recently that I can read so much more easily if I borrow SD's reading glasses but I don't actually put them on, I just hold them up and look through them (I'm not sure if that's because it means that I don't actually NEED glasses).

  3. Walking on the street is a mystery to me as well. Every day I see a woman walking alongside traffic, fairly light traffic but that doesn't matter 'cause she walks in the street whether there's traffic there or not. I don't understand why unless she's scared someone will jump out on her. Perhaps Mrs C can explain.

    As for respectable clothes for government men.... perhaps she's right, perhaps I get it all wrong... smiles.

  4. For some reason, I find the term, 'government men' to be more comical than her request.

  5. I'm all for dressing DOWN as much as possible when dealing with the government.

  6. Maybe she's scared that if you tick off the G-men they'll pull strings and get you on the IRS audit list?

  7. Reminds me of when getting on a plane was considered important enough that you dressed up as if for church on Sunday. These people i might want to dress up a bit for, keep them calm.

  8. There isn't a man alive who can't comment on his wife's peccadilloes. But a smart husband doesn't. I've proven repeatedly that I'm not a smart husband, and it's good to know I have company.

  9. I wouldn't have said anything about what you were wearing, but I may have cautioned, "Don't say anything that will get us on the watch list." Also I like raw spinach but prefer cooked to be masked by plenty of sauce.

  10. And then you had to go and redress for breakfast?


  11. Tell Mrs. C that I don't get her logic on this one. The rest of the things you mentioned I did, but the no t-shirt I didn't get.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  12. That is an odd attitude. I married a government man and you should see how he dresses.

  13. These are more like 'idiosyncracies', aren't they? 'Peccadillo' has connotations of being offensive or sinful. . .

    My wife has many idiosyncracies, but hardly any peccadilloes. That's my story, and I'm stickin' with it. . .

  14. And what was everyone else wearing?

  15. P.S. often the street surface is much smoother than footpaths, which aren't resurfaced nearly as often as roads.

  16. I had no idea Mrs. C was a streetwalker!


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