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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


A post Thanksgiving look back on life.

When I was a kid, we use to play a board game, “The Game of Life.”  I don’t remember much about how it was played, I do remember the basics.

Before the game you chose what your goals were.  You could win so many points for wealth, fame or happiness.  As young snots, most of the time we all chose money to win, with a small percentage of our goal being fame.  I guess we sort of assumed that with money and fame, happiness would follow.

I am currently in the fourth quarter of the real game of life.  If my goal was riches, I lose.  If my goal was fame, I lose big time.  In the real game, my goal was mostly happiness.  It takes some degree of wealth to obtain security and happiness, but wealth was never a primary goal.

It is not yet time to tally the score, but I think I have done pretty well.  I know many people who succeeded very well in the wealth category, but I’m not sure they are all that happy.  I know or know of many who have topped the chart in the fame category who seem to be pretty miserable. 

I also know some people who have kicked ass in both wealth and fame and I have to say are damn happy, so I have not and probably will not win the game. 

You would think that with two divorces I would be pretty low in the wealth and happiness score, and fame is just about zero, but though the divorces cut my wealth points in half twice, I have managed enough to secure some semblance of security, and that is really all you need to not have a deduction in the happiness points.  The divorces have also bailed me out of unhappy relationships, even relationships that I was not aware of how unhappy they really were.

In adding up points, I can’t compete with everyone, there are so many people that are successful on many levels, but I think I have still done pretty well.

I am reasonably healthy.  I can still do one pushup for every year I have managed to stay above ground.   I currently have a great relationship on many levels with Mrs. Cranky.  I can still score under 100 in golf, and bowl above a 180 average.  I have self-published two crappy books, but I enjoyed doing so.  I publish in this blog daily, and that earns me ½ a fame point.  I have four children who are healthy and reasonably happy and successful themselves. I have five happy healthy wonderful grandchildren.  I have a great family in my brother, sister-in-laws, niece, nephews and a bunch of cousins.  I have a few friends who are true friends.  I was blessed with terrific parents, grandparents, a super older brother and wonderful aunts and uncles who are no longer with me.  
I quit drinking and smoking, but do enjoy an occasional glass of wine and a good cigar.  I play guitar just well enough to enjoy it in the privacy of my own man cave.  I even have two step children that I get to enjoy and take pride in, even though I can claim no credit for their accomplishments.

In the Milton Bradley “Game of Life” I have not reached my unreasonable goals of fame and wealth, but in the real game, so far, despite many setbacks, I think I have played pretty well and have obtained a great many  points. 

Of course having the dice come up with good numbers helps.


  1. You are like the "guard goose"....always watching and taking care. Congratulations. You have a good like with meaningful values.

  2. Happy and healthy is the best we can hope for!

  3. amen and congratulations on scoring big!

  4. Looks like we're both doing about the same. Happiness is a great thing. Fame and fortune does not guarantee happiness. I've known some very unhappy rich folks. Bless their hearts.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. Hi to Mrs. Cranky. ☺

  5. It sounds like you've come up a winner in the Game of Life. I remember this game but can't remember playing it.

  6. I am a fat old (81) broad with a long term marriage (60 years & counting) 3 kids & 4 grandchildren (who all consider me their friend) & a wee bit of fame, from my blog. I own my own home & have money in the bank. I've traveled all over the world & even flown in a zero gravity trainer. Especially in the happiness part, I think I'd score pretty high!!

  7. I read those magazines like "People" every time I get my hair cut, and I'm always amazed at how unfulfilled the rich and famous seem to be. I'm sure many of them would trade places with you and me in a second.

  8. Wealth and fame are not always what it's cracked up to be. I think I would ( and did) go for the happiness factor.
    You can't take any of it with you when you go so if you weren't happy putting it all together, then was it really worth your time?

  9. I think your successful kids, stepkids and grandkids give you the victory, Joe.

  10. Healthy, wealthy, and wise...I say, one out of three ain't bad!

  11. Yes, I'd declare you a winner at The Game of Life. AND, I'll venture that none of your pink and blue people with the various-sized plastic noses fell out of your car as you traveled Life's highways.

    My sister the future ex-mayor's wife and I used to fight over those peg people to get the ones with the longest piece of plastic (nose) from where they were broken apart. I have no idea why. Except that sometimes it's not the triumph, but the struggle.

  12. I'd win on happiness points, but lose on everything else. That's okay, I never wanted fame anyway.

  13. It sounds to me as if you are winning that game ....


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