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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Enough is enough, time to get in shape!
Are you out of shape?  Flabby, weak, FAT? So am I.  Do you want to change?  Do you want to get those six pack abs back or finally find them?  Build up those guns.  Summer is coming and I plan to kick some sand in the face of some seaside bullies.

Care to join me?

I am going to follow this young man on YouTube.

Imagine there’s no bullies
Its easy if you try
Imagine you’ve got muscles
And kick sand back in their eye
Imagine everybody
Getting healthy and in shape
(Two Three Four)
You think exercise is for extremer's
You’re not the only one
Follow this dude on YouTube
And the world can be fit as one
Seriously this is my son’s project.  He is a physical education teacher who practices what he teaches.  He is dedicated to making his students and others stronger and healthier.  The web site offers programs for people of all ages.  General fitness and stretching for us old fogies, strenuous programs for young and elite athletes, programs for runners, programs for strength and programs to just keep fit and trim. 

Future videos will also concentrate on nutrition.  His healthy shakes for tots are famous in his neighborhood.

You can pay for a personal trainer, or you can get the same expertise for free.  If you need some extra inspiration, there is a page of him just yelling at you:

“You can do it!”

“Don’t be a wimp!”

“Come on you weakling, just one more!”


OK, that page doesn’t exist.

Check it out, whether you are an old fart softball player trying to regain your youth, or a hopeful professional athlete, there is something for everyone.

Pass this site on to your friends, follow him on Twitter @MatthewHagy1, and share on Facebook.  

This was an unsolicited post.  I received no compensation for my endorsement...unless his site goes viral and he makes a lot of money, then we will have to talk. 


  1. Like I said before...nice shoulders! I just got back from swimming. The guy next to me was extra splashy and tried to drown me.

  2. I'm already inspired!
    But I must admit that losing a few pounds and trying to be conscientious about exercise after I retired truly did leave me feeling healthier.
    I wish your son well.

    1. A work out routine needs to be custom fit or it can be negative.

  3. good going, mr. hagy the younger!

  4. That's a very polished looking site. I want you to realize that I wouldn't visit an exercise site if asked to do so by anyone other than you.

  5. Exercise is essential at all ages. You have to keep moving. I'm in my 60s and I know what I can and can't do. I agree that a workout routine should be age appropriate.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Why settle for 6-pack abs when you can have the whole keg? ;)

  7. Looks good. So does the video program. I could watch that kind of workout for hours.

  8. I kicked a ho-hum, half-hearted exercise program into higher gear about nine months ago. Doing all the right things, a mix of strength training, aerobic exercise, and flexibility/stretching. So far, so good. Now I need to improve my eating habits to see better results. My fat and my body have been close friends for many, many years - it will take a while to split them up. I'll have to check out your son's program - a variety of stuff keeps it interesting and makes it more likely that I do something.


    Oh, yes, I've got the Beatles song in my head now.

  9. You can lead me to water...

    I'm sure many horses enjoy staying hydrated, but others simply stamp their feet, say "Neigh" all the live-long day, and whinny about being dehydrated.

  10. I earmarked that site as a favorite and am going to go back and take a look at it down the line. I need to do some exercises to strengthen the old body; I walk but I know I need more. Good for your son for setting this up!


  11. Am I out of shape? Yes
    Do I want to change? No
    That sounds like too much hard work and I'd probably have to get off my bum too...