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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Differences Between Men and Women

The Differences Between Men and Women


Oh grow up! We all know the biological differences between men and women, what I find interesting is gender differences which do not seem to have any biological basis and yet are universal to all men and women.

I know the differences; I do not know the reasons why.

Why do men clap with cupped perpendicular hands while women clap with parallel flat hands?

Why do men laugh stamping their feet and loudly clapping, and women are apologetic, laughing with their face covered by both hands?

Why do men wipe their eyes when they tear up, and women wave their hands over their eyes as if that will push the tears back? (Uh ah, I see women do this even they do not have eye make-up.)

Why do men sit with their arms spread out, and women sit with hands folded on their lap.

When you take a picture of a group of men at a party they go into body builder poses, women link arms and stick their tongues out.  What’s up with that?

Why do women get in each other’s face when they argue but seldom get violent, while when men get in each other’s face a punch will be thrown?

Why do men enjoy a good belch or fart, but women turn red over the slightest burp or ferp*?

Why do women use perfume…they already smell good?

Why do women spend so much time on facial make-up when men are just staring below their neck?

Why do men lift weights and play sports to impress women and women sleep with the skinny guitar player?

Why do men never know where a game on TV is being played and that is the only question women ever ask about a game?

Why do fat women claim they never eat, skinny women claim to be chocoholics and all men just eat, burp, and ask for seconds?

Why do I even give a hoot, as long as we have those biological differences?



*FERP - a tiny female fart.


  1. I've often wondered those same things. Although I'm not a regular girl so if I do make up it takes five minutes and I can be ready to walk out the door with showering and hair and make up in 30 minutes. Often befor emy husband. I was raised with boys so I'm used the burbing and farting. To my mothers dsmay I am not nor have I ever been a super girly girl.

  2. The majority of these things can be answered by a close look at how culture treats differently each gender. Up until recenty women have had to play the role of the weaker sex, or they would lose...both in the work place and at home. Now men are evolving to realize that we each have important contributions to this evolutionary process and more accepting of equaity. These things you point out may change in 100 years on both sides. It was once rare to see men some Congressional men cannot give a speech without tearing up.

  3. Hmmm..."FERP". George Carlin missed one. ;)


  4. Why is it that I have so much to say about it, but won't?

  5. In answer to all of the above questions--I have absolutely NO idea!!

  6. Interesting observations. Altho. . .

    My wife claps with the perpendicular cupped hands. One of her friends does the parallel-flat-hands clap, but only for 'goody-goody!', never for 'bravo! good show!'

    I think the sitting-with-hands-in-lap thing goes back to when most women wore skirts/dresses in the course of their day, and were frustrating the guys trying to get a peek between their legs. Since my wife and daughters have mainly been wearing pants, I see less of the hands-between-the-legs stuff. But maybe it's instinctual by now. . .

    I always know where the game on TV is being played - just check out who's wearing the white uniforms, and who's wearing the colored ones. It varies from sport to sport, but it's always a dead giveaway, except for the Dallas Cowboys (road baseball uniforms have been gray, going back to the days before air travel, when the road team couldn't necessarily count on being able to get their uniforms washed before they had to leave for the next town, so they just made 'em gray to hide the dirt)

    And dang it - now they're gonna know why I started playing the guitar! (a guitar-playing football player can hardly go wrong, right?)

  7. For a serious answer, I have to agree with Tabor. But for the sheer fun of it, your post made me laugh.

  8. Tabor is one smart lady. Thanks for adding the word "Ferp" to my vocabulary.

  9. All so very true, Cranky. Very observant. Something you've missed, though, is that many women, away from the company of men, enjoy and laugh over burps, farts.

    I've often wondered why women wave their hands in front of their faces when they tear up. Saving eye makeup is most certainly the answer. And most women can't remember if they remembered to put on their eye makeup so waving away the tears is safer.

  10. And while you never see a man stand up and announce that he is going to the restroom with the intention of getting all of his friends to go along, while a woman will definitely take a whole group of women with her.

  11. Excellent questions, all. I would guess culture, but then, who really knows. :)

  12. Oh, dear. Your observations are funny, but I'm afraid I don't match the "female" description very well. I laugh out loud and without reservations, love football,(Go, Falcons!) and I should be ashamed to admit this... I think flatulence is funny.


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