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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Apologies for possible plagiarism from a SNL skit
I am a big fan of the TV quiz show “Jeopardy.”  I even kinda like the host Alex Trebek.  He is annoying but entertaining in a train wreck sort of way.

Neither Mrs. C nor I is very good at answering the questions on this show (technically responding with questions to the answers…) but we still enjoy it.  Every once in a while there is a category that we can answer.  Mrs. C made the point that if she was on the show and was lucky enough to get the right categories, she could easily become champion.

She is right as usual.  If only she could get on a show with the right categories.

Alex Trebek: “OK folks, welcome to “Mrs. Cranky Jeopardy” the game where we give the answers and you ask the questions.  These are today’s categories”

Movie dialog“That will be obscure dialog from any movie ever made.”

Name That Commercial“There will be a two second blurb from a commercial, you will need to name the product.”

Where are they now – “Here we name anyone from your grade school and you tell us where they are now.”

What were you wearing when“We will name a date and you have to know what you were wearing on that day.”

Where is it in New Jersey “We name a starting point and a destination and you need to give the correction directions.”

What car did they drive – We name one of your relatives and a year, and you tell us the model and make car they drove.”

“Our reigning champion Mrs. Cranky will start it off.”

“’Where is it in New Jersey’ for 2000 Alex”

“Franks Pizzeria in Old Bridge from New Brunswick”


“Mrs. Cranky.”

“What is rt. 18 south to Gordon Road and turn left on Bank Street it is two building on the left next to a Shell station.”

"Oh, I'm sorry the station is an Exxon...wait, the judges say it used to be Exxon but is now a Shell station."


“You are correct, next category.”

“’What were you wearing when’ for 500 Alex.”

“Nixon resigned.”


“Mrs. Cranky”

“What was my Sesame Street footie PJ’s?”


“That is correct, next category.”

“’Movie dialog’ for 2000 Alex.”



“Mrs. Cranky”

“What is the prosecuting lawyer in ‘My Cousin Vinny’”

“That is correct, next category.”

“’Name that commercial’ for 600 Alex.”

Ding Ding Ding

“You hit the Daily Double, how much do you want to risk?”

“Let’s make it a true Daily Double Alex.”

“OK, for $4500, 'Who are you…'”

 “What is ‘Who are you talking to?’ The Allstate Commercial!”


Contestant #2 leaves her podium.

“Excuse me, Sally the MIT professor, where are you going?”

“This is ridiculous!  How does anyone know these questions.  I’m outta here.”

Contestant #3 also walks off.

“Me too!”

“Wait Charles the brain surgeon, you can’t just walk out.”

“Try and stop us!”

“Well I guess that is it, Mrs. Cranky you remain the champion of “Mrs. Cranky Jeopardy! Tune in tomorrow folks when we add a new category,"

Why is your husband a jerk? - "We give you a situation and you explain why your husband is a jerk." 


Do dee do do dee do dee da DUMP ta DUMP DUMP DUMP tee Da

Applause applause applause


  1. I don't think we get that show here, but if we did I certainly wouldn't watch it. I don't need to feel any more stupid than I already am.

  2. Sesame Street footie pjs? That is a hoot! I could give Mrs. Cranky a run for the money on Name That Commercial, Where Are They Now, and What Was I Wearing. The last one is particularly helpful when you own clothes for decades and no one has still seen you in the same outfit twice,

  3. Wouldn't that be neat if we could have them write questions for that which we are knowledgeable about? I would do well with the category "what happened on this day in your life years ago".


  4. Hubby would have to go with me on the show because between the two of us, we know all the useless information in the world. Love it, even when Alex is long-winded. The kids know not to phone when it is on!

  5. Bwahahahahahaha. I don't watch game shows, but I'd watch this one. What a hoot it would be.

    Have a terrific day Joe. ☺

  6. very cute and obscure knowledge bank she has, there. :) i knew cousin vinny.

    i loved the snl skit with sean connery as a contestant where he repeatedly said, 'i don't like you, trebek!' :)

  7. Over the years we've watched jeopardy off and on. We're currently back to watching. I'm a terrible player because my knowledge is very limited. I do well in History and Literature, and I kill at Art which comes up only occasionally and is often the last category picked. My Mrs. C. is a better player because she reads magazines and is much more knowledgeable about celebrities and current topics. We both suck in the sports and science categories.

  8. My friend claims she would win it all on Jeopardy if she only knew how to bet for final jeopardy.

  9. I could easily beat Mrs C because I NEVER forget anythi...who's calling, please?

  10. Heeheehee! Excellent job Mrs. Cranky would do!

    And i'm still trying to figure out what it means that when i was pregnant with Bigger Girl, and watched Jeopardy most days, she would hiccup through the whole show. She did not hiccup on weekends at that same time of day, nor did she when i missed it. She would start as soon as the theme music came on, and hiccup until the final music was done.

    Haven't watched in years, and she never really liked the show when she grew up. Wonder why?

  11. Jeopardy is a very informative show. I learned a lot. I did not realize that Jeopardy has some fun moments.

  12. We watch Jeopardy most evenings but Mrs. C would definitely beat me out. I can ask maybe two questions in a game.

  13. I feel very pleased with myself when I answer a question correctly.

  14. OOH! Mrs. C needs the category where they show a picture, and it could be of her shopping list, and only she would know the answer!

  15. I watch the show on and off, too. I really was hooked for a while when Ken Jennings had his famous winning streak. If it weren't for the fact that you have to hit the buzzer quickly, I might be good in a few categories. Like geography. But I have slow reflexes. I'd never win against Mrs. Cranky!

  16. Not that's funny, I don't care who you are :)