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Saturday, October 20, 2012



Some people are stupid.  Some people are uneducated.  There is nothing wrong with being stupid.  If you are born stupid what can you do?  Some stupid people know there limitations, work there butts off and are quite successful.

There is nothing wrong with being uneducated.  Many people are not lucky enough to acquire a good education.  Many uneducated people know their limitations, work their butts off and are quite successful.

Some people are not stupid, have an opportunity for a quality education and yet choose to be stupid and uneducated.  These people are proud of being stupid.  They revel in their poor education.  If they have a choice of using correct English or uneducated gutter English, they make a conscious effort to use gutter English.  They will even loudly proclaim their stupidity.  

If asked a simple question like “Who is the Vice President of the United States?” They laugh and respond without embarrassment “Ah, I don’t know any of dat shit!”

Ask, “What is the square root of 16?” and you get the response, “Ah, I never paid no attention to math and shit.”

Enquire, “Do you know what country borders the United States to the north?” and the answer is, “I don’t know; if I ever have to go there then I’ll probably know.”

 Probably know?  Really?

If given the choice of saying “I fell down,” or “I had fallen down,” why not just say “I had fell down”?

Why would you ask, “Why did you go there,” when you can ask, “Why you go dere?”

It is OK to be stupid. It happens.

It is understandable if you were never afforded the opportunity to receive a quality education.  Many are not that fortunate. 

It is not ok to choose to be dumb as a stump or talk like an idiot, and be proud of it.

At leastest that be me opinion.  


  1. "It is not ok to choose to be dumb as a stump or talk like an idiot, and be proud of it."

    Totally agree. Here in my area we have people who think it's chic to be dumb (or at least ACT like they're dumb) and talk like an idiot. They're called rednecks, and they are SUPER proud of being called that. In my mind being a redneck would be something you would want to work hard to overcome. At times I think I'm in the minority.


  2. Gall dern it but don't you make the purty talk. Okay, at least I tried.

  3. Dat be me opinion to.

    it's really sad how many people choose to be stupid and talk the way they do, I am no English major but at least I try :)

  4. @L&S - You obviously don't know enough rednecks. It has nothing to do with intelligence or education.

  5. Is it lack of education that makes seemingly well educated Americans say 'that's the way I lay in my bed?' I always wonder how many eggs they find in the morning :)

  6. I are a hi skul grajiate!

  7. Don't worry about it Joe. The Darwin awards pretty well prove that these 'stupid and proud of it' people are weeded out by natural selection. Here's a classic example 2007 winner

  8. Some people are not stupid, they just do not use their brains!

  9. Hurray.......another zinger! Brilliant.

    However,being totally intolerant and bigoted against stupidity I cannot tolerate it even when it is the deliberately chosen path,.,,,.in fact....that kind is the worst. Aaarrrrgh.

  10. What I mean is just because all the the Rednecks you know are stupid and uneducated, not all of us are
    I'll agree that some of the contractions I use are a bit of a stretch, I have an aversion to fully punctuate a sentence, and I've been known to occasionally invent a word
    But, about the only time I may act dumb (your word) is when I'm seeking further a further explanation or to keep from drawing attention

  11. i asked my kids to name someone they knew who thinks...really thinks. must have been the toughest question they got all year!!
    can you name someone you know that thinks?!