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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An American Doctor in Rwanda

Dr. Vinny

This is a shout-out to a blogger who needs to be read.  Dr. Vinny is an American Doctor who gives his time and expertice to help those without the same medical care we enjoy.  He worked diligently in Haiti after the storm and is now in Rwanda.  His posts are all very good reads from a prospective foreign to most of us. 

He is the son of a fraternity brother of cranky old man.  His Mom and Dad must be very proud.

Dr. Vinny posts about once a month, follow and read, you won't be sorry.



  1. I just read Dr. Vinny's post & I HAD TO SUBSCRIBE. There is so much going on outside my little world & he writes about his world so well. Thank you for turning me onto this blog!

  2. I have spent much of the last hour reading the most recent 6 of Dr. Vinny's posts & I will read more later today. Again, THANK YOU!!

  3. Thank you for the referral to this blog...what a wonderous work he is doing, in such a hard environment.

  4. I'll go there now. Thanks for the link.


  5. thanks for the shout out!!
    love to read about people helping people.

  6. Great tip - followed straight away

  7. Thank you, will go and check out Dr. Vinny now.

  8. Thanks for introducing us to Dr. Vinny. I'm off to check out his blog now.


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