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Tuesday, May 31, 2016



I recently stumbled across this article buried on page 36 of “Study This” magazine.  I found it very interesting and informative,

April 31, 2016 CP International

A study by the Santa Monica Institute of SE has determined that previous studies claiming woman are paid less than men for similar jobs has been proven false.  Morris Fenwick, Professor of the schools PC studies and a Social engineer expert says extensive surveys and data collected over a five year period has determined that gender discrimination does not exist as relates to pay for similar jobs.

“We have determined that pay discrimination does in fact exist, but it is not gender related.  Our findings show that short people are paid on average .78 for every $1 earned by tall people.

The science is clear, workers who stand 5’ 7” or taller earn more money on average than workers who are shorter than 5’ 7”.”

Interestingly enough the study finds no salary discrimination for people above 5’ 7”.  A six foot person earns about the same for a similar job as a 5’ 8” person.  For those below 5’ 7” the pay inequity does not vary until the height of 4’ 6”.  Apparently people below 4’ 6” are paid even less on average than 5’ 6” people.

Mr. Fenwick suggests that based on his study gender discrimination laws need to be revoked and laws should be aimed at the pay discrimination of short people.

“We could just take all current laws and substitute ‘Short People’ for ‘Women.’ It should really be quite simple.”

Fenwick goes on further to assert, “This study is a perfect illustration of how concentrating on the wrong factors can arrive at incorrect conclusions.  Perhaps other common beliefs need to be reexamined.  Is climate change really the result of carbon dioxide, or do higher temperatures cause retention of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Does lead paint effect peoples intelligence, or do only stupid people eat paint?”

Fenwick is currently petitioning the Government for funds to reevaluate these pressing questions along with many others.

As Fenwick says, “A fact is only something that has not yet been disproved.”


  1. Mr Fenwick needs to learn the difference between effect and affect.
    I object to his whole findings anyway. Not all men are tall, my male ancestors were all under 5'6", most of them 5'4". And not all women are short. My niece is 5'9", my grand daughter is 5'8", my mother in law was 5" 7" although she may have shrunk a little now that she is 91.

  2. I dare not pass this on to those negotiating pay rises on the grounds gender discrimination!

  3. So short people are poorer than tall people? We should have a bunch of millionaires line up and see their height.

  4. really ,can't believe it as if it is true shorter will definitely try to enhance their height

  5. I'm afraid there's too much documentation that proves gender pay discrimination to not believe it, but I do believe there are other metrics that prove, as suggested, that short people are discriminated against, too. And how about "beautiful" people? All too often top executives are relatively good looking. Wanna be a top model or a movie star? Short, ugly, dumpy people need not apply, Danny DeVito excepted. Problem is, I don't think you can just pass a law that will make people look past those things.

  6. So are we going to see another movement here? #shortlivesmatter :)

  7. This guy needs to be in politics. He'd fit right in.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. I have a funny feeling my leg is being pulled here. . .

  9. I hear a song by Randy Newman playing somewhere.

  10. I personally know of too many instances of gender pay discrimination to buy into the premise that gender discrimination doesn't exist. I've also heard about height discrimination but I don't think I've ever been caught up in that, even though I'm considered short.

  11. Hilarious! Can they do a study on salaries of fat vs skinny folks? Bald vs full heads of hair? People want to know this stuff!

  12. Heeheehee! Maybe he can find out if it's true shorter people live longer or it just seems longer!

  13. Criminy, I am 5'2" and a woman. I didn't have a chance. Hope he wasn't paid for this study.

  14. Yu can say anything you want if you know how to manipulate statistics ,,, and your audience is generally clueless.

  15. There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up. ;-)

  16. All good points. But there are three kinds of people in this world. Those who are good with numbers and those who aren't.

  17. And what's more they got little eyes
    little hands
    they walk around
    tellin' great big lies.....

    you got to pick them up
    just to say hello...

  18. Except for the date, I would have sworn this was an April Fool's article!

  19. I have to agree about the lead paint!


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