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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

So Paddy Walks into a Pub…

So Paddy Walks into a Pub…
This re-run is from 2015
I have learned that in this blogging thing you have to be very careful not to offend certain groups or people with specific traits.  If you are going to make a joke or denigrate a specific group or ethnicity you had better be a part of that group.
For instance if you are not a black comedian it is a bad idea to make a joke about a black person.  The same is true of Jewish people or a person from virtually any ethnic background. 
The exception to this is the Irish.  For some reason anyone is allowed to make a joke about the Irish.
A Jew can refer to the Irish as heavy drinkers and the Irish in the audience will laugh, “Oh sure tis true you know we are terrible drunks.”
A black comedian can tease the Irish about their reputation of getting into fights and the Irish in the audience will laugh,“Oh sure tis true you know we will make a fist at the drop of a hat…especially if we’ve had a bit of the drink.”
Make a joke about Irish women nagging their husbands and the Irish in the audience will laugh, “Oh sure tis true you know, the lassies are terrible nags, but then the lads just pay no mind.”
You can make fun of their arms-at-the-side step dance, belittle their kilts, joke about their lack of culinary skills, even make reference to the “Irish Curse” (it’s a manhood thing) and the Irish will not take offense.  “Oh sure tis true, we do dance funny, we go commando under the kilts, we bile the piss out of everyting, and there is a fookin curse...for some of us."

I don’t know why, but you cannot insult the Irish.  You can piss them off if you disrespect their favorite team, you may start a fight if you catch them in a lie and call them on it because the Irish never lie, they only embellish. 
Other than berating their sports team or challenging their story telling veracity, you cannot insult the Irish.   
Maybe it's because at least one day of the year, everyone is Irish. 

Uncle Skip sent me this last year


  1. I'm a Caucasian Jew whose grandparents come from Eastern Europe, but tomorrow I'll be Irish!!

  2. Aye, tis true. The Oirish (official pronunciation!) are a grand race.

  3. Always enjoy a day when you can wear green and enjoy some delicious food!


  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm wearing green today even though (don't tell anyone) I'm not actually Irish the rest of the year. Oh, and I don't drink or get into fights.

    1. See, by your name, I would have sworn you were Irish. Anything with an "een" is Irish, Eileen, Doreen, Coleen, Cathleen...all Irish. I just assumed you changed your last name from O'Iqbal.

      Happy St. Pat's Day!

  5. I love the old Irish saying:

    God invented beer so the Irish wouldn't rule the world.

  6. Oh no, my Silly Sunday joke is about the Clinton's. I'm leaving it right where it is too.

    You're spot on about this.

    Have a fantastic St. Patrick's Day. ☺

  7. Hi Cranky,

    I have no idea why people outside Ireland celebrate St Patrick's Day. Over the pond (in the British Isles) it's become an excuse to get drunk on Guinness and any Irish pub you find will be full of - er - Englishmen, Scotsmen, Welshmen and perhaps the odd Irishman.

    Anyway, the Brits have been known to mock the Irish for another reason, which I won't mention (because I too don't like to offend anybody).

    Anyway - Begorrah!!!




  8. That is my favorite Irish blessing.
    Since 10% of us claim to have a tad Irish somewhere in their background and the rest,for one day, will wearing the green anyway.

  9. Yes, i wore my green today, and heaven bless the Irish!

  10. My son goes to a college where they cancel classes for the week, and whack snakes (fake) with shillelaghs on the quad.

    I guess that makes me Irish.

  11. I've only ever known one Irish person who was hard to get along with. She painted the walls and ceiling of their toilet bright emerald green and added a matching floor rug, so her husband wouldn't spend so much time in there. (He hates green)


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