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Friday, March 11, 2016


Day one on the ocean, we caught fish.  Day two, for the most part, we just fished.  It started out bad when the boat we were supposed to take for some in-shore fishing had an engine problem.  Instead of fishing out of Los Suenos we had to take a one hour ride to Quepos for an available boat.

It was, at least, a nice trip with more sights of this beautiful country.  We took a boat captained by a local named “Pepsi” with mate “Brainer.”
Pepsi...on a different charter
We first drove out about a half hour along the coast and then jigged for sardines to use as bait.  This took almost an hour as sardines were not schooling very heavy.  We then raced further along the coast to fish with the sardines.

Brainer baited the hooks with the live sardines and let out two lines.  In less than a minute OC’s line went taught.  The fish took out line quickly and OC was in for a fight.  It took about ten minutes before he hauled in a 28 pound Rooster fish.  The rooster fish is beautiful with spines on the back that resemble a rooster’s comb.  Rooster fish are the hardest fighting fish caught while in-shore fishing.  They are blessed to not be good eating and hence the fish was released to fight again.
Big Brother and rooster fish
It looked like another banner day catching.  It turned out to be a long hot day fishing.  We had several good strikes, but without a Panther to set the hook we missed the few chances we had.  Other boats around us were having similar results.
I did catch this beauty!

One of our hopes on this trip was to catch a good eating snapper, grouper or sea bass to bring to a restaurant for a really fresh catch of the day meal.  It looked like that was not going to happen.

Still the views were spectacular, the company excellent, food was good and the beers were ice cold and refreshing.
Jurassic Park?

Just before we were about to give up and head for home, Mike hooked up.  It was another ten minute battle but he finally brought in a 20 pound sea bass.
I failed to get a picture of Mike and his catch.  Here it is on the plate


With dinner caught we left for home.

Brainer filleted the bass while the boat was running at about 30 knots and bouncing on the ocean chop.  How he did it without slicing his hand off amazed me no end. 

These guys are good.

So was the fish.  The restaurant turned it into an appetizer ceviche, and a grilled entree.  It was fresh; it was delicious and paired well with a bottle of Pino Grigio.

Before dinner, we went to Villa Calletas, a hotel where YC proposed to his wife.  She accepted, which is why she is his wife.  It was a gorgeous location from high on a mountain, and a gorgeous sunset, made even better with rum cocktails.

We saw a Tucan fly by the tree right after this picture

It was not a perfect day, but it was damn good.  More fishing than catching, but a good day fishing is always a good day, topped off again with a fine cigar and a glass of port.   

Tomorrow - Catching...again.


  1. how neat to catch a fresh meal! the rooster fish is pretty cool, too.

  2. A great day when it ends so well.

  3. Bud once caught an ahi (tuna) & our captain told us that one of the small local hotels would prepare & serve it for us at no charge if they could keep the rest. (It was yummy--you couldn’t have had any fresher!)

  4. I love fresh caught/cooked fish. What a feast! :)

  5. I could almost taste that sea bass. As I always say a bad day on the water beats most days on dry land.

  6. The best part was dinner. That's awesome. Okay the drinks are a good thing too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. Jealous! And what Rick Watson said.

  8. Did not know restaurants would cook your catch. How neat is that? Hey, even a bad day fishing is still a better day than just about any other day as long as you are on the water, the weather holds and the company is great.

  9. It sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. Maybe tomorrow we'll read that you hooked something amazing.

  10. After I read your Jurassic Park? comment I remembered the breathtaking scenery from the movie and that it was filmed in Costa Rica. Enough for anyone to have a really great vacation!

    1. That is what I thought. Actually though it is an island off Costa Rica in the movie, it was filmed in Hawaii for logistic reasons...I had to Google it.

  11. You got me. Feeling sentimental now; thinking of how special this trip should have been to all of you.

  12. I'm guessing the fish you caught was released to fight again, too.


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