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Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Cranky Complaint About Women

A Cranky Complaint About Women
This re-run is from last March -
The first time around reader comments were very funny.

Don’t get all up in arms ladies; this is just a minor complaint.  It is more an observation than a complaint.

Actually it is a complaint.

Women (at least the women I have been married to, and that is a pretty good segment of the female population) will not answer a simple question from a man.  They prefer for the man to figure it out themselves.  It aggravates them that men will ask a silly question.  They will ignore, and or be evasive waiting for the man to figure out the answer themselves rather than simply saying, “yes” or “no.”

Yes or no! It hardly takes a breath; no effort, just yes or no.  Zero calories burned, no wasted time, just yes or no.  How friggin hard is that?

The other night Mrs. C was going downstairs and asked me if I wanted some water.  I said yes, preferably bottled if we still had any.  The fridge water tastes kind of funky because we need to change the filter.

Mrs. C brought up a bottle of water.

“Is that a new bottle of water, or is it from the fridge?” Sometimes she will fill an empty bottle with water from the fridge.


“Is it from the fridge?”


“Is there any reason you can’t say yes it is from the fridge, or no it is a new bottle of water.”

“You should know.”

“I should know? How should I know, and why don’t you tell me anyway? Yes or no!  How hard is that?  This conversation could have been over minutes ago…meanwhile I still don’t know if it is from the fridge or not.”

“Because when you twist the cap, you will hear it break the seal and you will know that it is a new bottle of water and not from the fridge.”

“So we still have some bottled water?”

“Yes, a whole case of it, if you would only look!”

“Well that is 180 seconds of my life completely lost because you could just not bring yourself to say, “It is bottled water.”

“You’re a jerk!”

“Hell, it took you just as long to call me a jerk as it would have to just say “It’s bottled water!”



  1. I probably would have asked before looking at the cap, too.

  2. I also have a tendency to ask questions I could easily work out by looking/checking myself. And my husband reacts like Mrs Cranky, which makes me cranky!

  3. Yep, I would have asked first.

  4. normally woman react in such way when they want you to talk to them little more ,unconsciously often a woman try to avoid answer a simple question just because she wants her partner to take som e more time for being in conversational situation rather then exchange of few specific sentences ,

    thank you so much for your kind words ,i too heard in news it was huge loss for unfortunate families ,God bless you Joe

  5. You ask for bottled water because the fridge water tastes off, then passively accuse her of trying to trick you with disguised fridge water. Obviously there is a deeper problem here that women not answering. Obviously, you are a horse's behind who fully deserved the silent treatment--maybe even having the water dumped on your head.

  6. But if the water was cold, couldn't it have been both a new bottle of water and from the fridge? ;)

    Actually, my thoughts briefly went to what Olga said but then I figured that the explanation about the fridge water tasting off was for your readers' sake and not actually said to your wife.

  7. You have the most difficult conversations. You really do. I do agree if the cap is sealed and you unseal it by opening the bottle then there was a awful lot of useless conversation.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to Mrs. C. ☺

  8. Goodness aren't you suspicious. That was a statement not a question. I would have tried to open the bottle before the interrogation but then I am a trusting sort. You two have the most amazing marriage but then you do make her breakfast in bed so I guess it all balances out.

  9. Hi Cranky Man,

    Yes yes yes! Come on women! Yes or No!! Simples!




  10. Marriage is a delicate dance, and sometimes I think you, Mr. Cranky, are listening to your own music.

    1. I also can't carry a tune and have no rhythm, otherwise I resent your assertion.

  11. Y'gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. I'm not sure that has anything to do with your post but it just came into my head.

  12. I answer, straight out. What's the problem, girls?

  13. THIS time you were NOT a jerk!!

  14. This problem can easily be solved by switching from water to wine.

    You're welcome.

  15. I can understand your suspicions. After all, Mrs. Cranky has been known to give you used water. The solution, I think, is to get up and get your own water. Then you'll know the source.

  16. If only i could answer some of my Sweetie's questions with a simple yes or no! My life would be much easier.

  17. Guilty as charged---I have the same kind of conversations with my husband.....

  18. Hmmm....i dont think i have those convos with Boyfriend too often. He would probably say i do. Thats part of the whole issue, isn't it?

  19. And all she really wanted was a simple "Thank you". Its a wonder she didn't wait until you finished it to tell you it was from the toilet. Don't worry, we don't really even understand ourselves. You two are cute.


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