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Friday, March 18, 2016

Proud To Be An American

Proud To Be An American
a cranky opinion for
The following is the opinion of a cranky old man.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but are wrong.  As always, please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid head.  

I just responded to a Facebook comment and was reticent to do so.  It was a response to a comment on a post which among other things was addressing disappointment at our candidates for President in the next election. 

Someone commented that they were ashamed to be an American.

I replied that I was proud to be an American.  I was a little concerned to make such a comment because I didn’t want to get into a pissing contest with basement dwellers, which often happens whenever you voice an opinion on a social network.  I did not voice an opinion on a Presidential preference, yet I expected this comment could  bring angry people from many political sides out of the woodwork. 

What have we come to as a people for me to think twice before I state that I am proud to be an American?

Several actors and other big shots, a few whose names I recognize, have claimed that if their choice for President does not win they will leave the country.  They are ashamed to be Americans.

President Obama was not my choice as President for the last eight years.  I did not threaten to leave the country.  I was and am proud to be an American.  President Obama was not my choice, but I was proud that our country could get past the race issue and elect an intelligent qualified black man to be the most powerful person in the world. 

I was proud then to be an American.  I am proud to be an American today.

My country has made many mistakes in its short history, mistakes internally, and mistakes internationally.  Most of the mistakes we have made have been made with good intentions.  We have also done much good and fought for freedom of others many times.

I am proud to be an American because we are not afraid to take chances in the name of freedom.

I am proud to be an American because we can change our government peacefully, because we are free to speak our minds, and we are free to worship or not worship however we choose.  I am proud to be an American because we recognize our faults and our deficiencies, and we strive to fix them…we may differ in how to fix our problems, but for the most part we all want to make our great country even greater.

I am a little ashamed of myself because I even paused to respond to this person who expressed shame at being an American.  I was leery to state that I am proud to be an American.  Then I thought, “I don’t want to argue it, I don’t intend to reverse another person’s position, I just want to state without animosity that I am proud to be an American." It was simply a response to a person who was  proud of being ashamed of America as if it was an intellectually enlightened position.

You can be proud to be an American and still disagree with our leaders, still want even more freedom, still want all citizens to have the opportunity for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness where those opportunities may not exist for everyone today.  That is in fact what makes us Americans.

So for all those Americans that are ashamed of their country and are ready to leave it if they do not get their way in the next election, I say that is your right and I do not begrudge you that right. Americans do not have to be proud of their country.  You are free to hate all that this country stands for. If your choice for President does not get elected, you are free to take your ball and leave the field.  Citizens of many countries do not have this freedom; freedom to disagree, freedom to hate, freedom to voice those opinions of disagreement and hate.

I choose to stay.  I choose to accept the will of the people and have faith that whomever is elected, our system will assure that we will remain strong and fair, and free.  I choose to be proud to be an American.

I will not respond or plea my case to those who are ashamed to be American and believe everyone should also be ashamed to be American. 

I am proud to be an American. I love this country.  It is fine to disagree with my position; I just suggest you save your breath and not try to change my opinion.  Until those who are ashamed of being American are a majority, I will remain steadfastly PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.
The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management...Mrs. Cranky.


  1. Well said.
    I,too, hesitate to respond to posts on f/b.
    Some of the folks out there just can't seem to wait to pounce on those who have a different opinion.
    Worse, they go into judgment mode.

  2. That's mostly why I keep off Facebook. We should all be proud of our countries no matter what we think of politicians, royals, or presidents.

  3. Hi Cranky Man,

    You should be proud of your country. I am certainly proud of mine despite the fact that I hate the current government.

    Mind you, if Donald Trump is elected ...

    (only kidding :o))




  4. And so you should be. It's an awesome Nation. I suspect the real "thing" these days is the way in which information, whether good or bad, can get around to virtually every TV set or computer in a matter of seconds. I'm sure there were fists raised in the past over political views, but by the time it made it into the local rag two days later, only to be seen in a tiny column on page three, it didn't create quite the stir.
    Gotta look at the big picture. It's all about the process, and the balance between the various "factions" (for lack of a better term) that will find themselves in power in a year from now.
    I think it's great sport. Of course, that's from a Canadian point of view.
    And no, one doesn't just get to "move to Canada". Makes me laugh. Once again, there's a process.

    1. Oh and, what's the point of your First Amendment, if it doesn't permit you to get up to a podium and talk like a complete Ass Hat?? Just sayin'.

  5. I'm of the same opinion. I think one of our biggest problems is our two party system. It just hasn't worked for a very long time and it sure has divided our country.

    Like you I'm proud to be an American.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  6. I love America - warts and all. I also am very proud to be an American. But I also don't post on anything political on FB. Not worth my time.

  7. What we need is more people like Cranky who do some serious thinking and can express their opinions intelligently. Bravo, Cranky, and hooray for the USA warts and all.

  8. I'm not even an American, and I'm proud of this country. I can understand being ashamed of certain things some people do, but not being ashamed of the entire American nation.

    I think this "going to move abroad if..." thing is just a bunch of hot headed talk. Wasn't Rush Limbaugh going to move to Costa Rica if Obama became President? Last I checked he still lives in West Palm Beach. In my opinion, this kind of talk should be taken as serious as a married couple engaged in a heated fight yelling, "I want a divorce."

  9. You make many fine points. My belief has always been to avoid comments like: My Country right or wrong. I prefer" My country when right, and when wrong to be made right. Of course "rightness" is open to interpretation. Like you, I'm proud to be an American, even though we aren't the greatest country in the world in many measurable ways.

    1. Interesting addendum and certainly true, though I can't think of a person, place, thing, event or country that is the greatest in the world by all or even many measurable ways.

  10. I don't have to like everything about a person to still love them. That goes for my country also. I still have the voting booth and email access to my congressmen and women to try to get it closer to my wishes. That right is a blessing you just don't find anywhere.

  11. I agree, I'm very proud to be an American. That said, I'm ashamed of our politicians, of both parties, who seem to be working overtime to screw up our government with their petty partisanship. Our old-time politicians still bickered, but they seemed to nonetheless have the best interest of our country at heart. I'm not so sure our current "leaders" are always thinking of us. If they are, they have a strange way of showing it.

  12. I always think how lucky are those who have honorable patriotic feelings. It is endeed a privilege to be able to voice a dissenting opinion no matter how obscene it may be.

  13. Well stated, Cranky. My son, home on spring break, told me about his Chinese classmates, who are fascinated by the whole election process. It's humbling to think about what we take for granted, despite the flawed people who are running.

  14. I try to steer clear of social media during election years. I am one of those rare liberals in the Deep South and no matter what I say, I will not change anyone's mind no matter how compelling the argument. So I always make the poll workers break open a bundle of democratic ballots on Election Day.

  15. For everyone who wants to leave, there are 2 that hope to take his/her place. Luckily, in this country we can express diverse views. Neither side has my sympathy in this election, but the country still has my support.

  16. All I can say to those who proclaimed "I'm Ashamed to be an American...", that we Patriotic Americans are truly Ashamed of these Unpatriotic Ignoramuses. Teey have accomplished NOTHING to make this Great Country even Greater. Why are these Unpatriotic Morons still in the USA & haven't migrated to North Korea to serve as Slaves to the Fat Boy?


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