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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

I Don’t Know the Man…but


I Don’t Know the Man…but

  Just this one time, I am pausing my moratorium on political commentary.


I don’t know the man.  Maybe he is a sweet old guy who has been a force for good all his life.  Maybe he is a bullying prick.  Maybe he has been a devoted statesman, maybe he has been a political hack.  How would I know, I don’t know the man?

I do know the symptoms.  I have seen them before.  I have a few of them myself. 

I do know that if he was my doctor, I’d want second opinion.  If he was my surgeon, I’d postpone the operation. 

If he was an engineer, I would not be the first car over his bridge.

If he was my teacher, I’d question his facts.  If he taught math, I’d check his work.

If he was my pilot, I’d change my flight.

If he was a cashier, I’d count my change.

If he was a chef, I would not take big bites of his servings.

If he was my uncle, I’d roll my eyes at his repeated stories while I still loved him.  If he was my dad, I’d make sure mom did the driving.

If he was my only choice as a baby sitter, I’d stay home that night.

He is probably a very nice man, he seems to be well liked, but people change as they age, some more than others.  

I suspect many people would not trust this man as their doctor/surgeon, engineer, teacher, pilot, cashier, chef or baby sitter. 

They would still love their uncle and worry about their dad, and they would pray for their President and their Country.




  1. At this point, he’s just a figurehead.
    What happened to the Britney post?

  2. He's a placeholder. The vice is a placeholder. I pray too.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  3. Oh this has happened to me many a times at work place when some knuckle head turns out to be my boss (just by the virtue that he has an Engineering deg) And then I think, "Oh my God there may be Doctors too who has passed like this and is sitting somewhere making a judgement on my body and writing prescriptions for me"

  4. Lots of prayers for all of us. No matter who is in that House, that person needs prayer and so do we.

  5. Both the man and his second, Worthless at best

  6. Much to pray for, if you believe in prayer.

  7. i pray may lord save us from being victim of such man who are not skilled enough but got chance to pull seat under them .
    this is risky and scary for sure