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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Almost as Difficult as Crab Fishing in the Bering Sea


Almost as Difficult as Crab Fishing in the Bering Sea



One of my favorite TV shows is “The Deadliest Catch.”  It is about fishing for King and Snow crab in the Bering Sea, Alaska.  These fishermen are out in the most difficult and dangerous conditions, just so the rest of us can enjoy the sweet tasty meat of the crabs they trap.

Yes, they are paid pretty well for what some may think is unskilled labor, but there is a lot of skill involved.  The number one skill is staying alive and out of the freezing water.  They also have to put out fires and repair equipment on the fly in the most difficult conditions imaginable.

Is there a more difficult job in the world?

Maybe not as dangerous in the same way, but the real most difficult job in the world has to be White House Press Secretary.

I can not remember a WHPS in the past that has not been excoriated by at least one half of the country on any and every given day.

When there is good news on the economy, the international front, or on general US living conditions, The President takes the credit and takes a bow. 

The WHPS introduces him.

When there is bad news, or an embarrassing situation for the President, the WHPS gets in front of the nation and tries to put a positive spin on every question.  They have to dip and dodge the tough questions; they have to withhold some information without appearing to be withholding anything.  They have to misinterpret some questions and quickly move on; they have to promise to get back on some questions when they know they will not.  They have to often defend the undefendable, and take most of the blame and heat on themselves. They have to do all this and maintain a cheerful calm positive disposition.

The WHPS knows who will be throwing softball questions, and who will be throwing high hard ones right at their noggin.  They have to take questions from both, to avoid the high hard one is to essentially admit the White House is not in control.

Most of the latest WHPS’s have been women.  Their appearance, somehow becomes as important as their demeanor. In addition to having to answer sometimes impossible questions with a positive spin, and having to defend Presidential actions that they might personally disagree with, they are then belittled, mocked and made fun of on Saturday Night Live.

Sometimes the President gets a pass, the WHPS is always fair game.

The job is much like the crab fishermen.  They have to think on the fly and repair impossible situations with only their wits and guile and courage. 

The fishermen bring us crab.

The WHPS must cover up crap.

You couldn’t pay me enough.  

I do enjoy watching both shows.



  1. We don't have cable or any other TV service so I haven't seen the Deadliest Catch in a few years. It was interesting when we watched it.

    I loathe everything about this present administration in office and can barely stomach 30 seconds of our commander in chief talking and less than that from his circle back WHPS. However, love the questions Peter Doocy comes up with. I can bet my last dollar she hates having to call on him. This present WHPS sure is covering up a lot of crap too.


  2. I wouldn't be WHPS for a million dollars per year. The Deadliest Catch sounds interesting.

  3. Accurate job description and should discourage any normal person from applying.

  4. I’m not sure which is worse.

  5. I think I'd rather be a crab fisher-woman!

  6. Right off, i can't think of any amount that would make me want either job, i will just thank profusely those willing to tackle them.

  7. I think Peter Doocy might be trying to make the current WHPS jump overboard.

  8. Yes I've had some crappy jobs in my past but nothing like the two mentioned here. I'm way too sarcastic for the job of work my nickname was "Starcasm" I get seasick very easily. Even a pontoon boat on a lake makes me does a swing. So crabbing (except to Jack!) is out. However I do love a good crab salad so I tip my landlubber hat to them! Have a nice Labor Day weekend and I do hope those storms didn't hurt you or your home any! The devastation out East is horrible! Take care Joe!

  9. i really appreciate you for the analogy Joe

    i agree as we see here either that man who speaks behalf of the prime minister bears all the crap thrown on him and nobody tries to think even once that he is just spokes person

    i have another analogy for the whps though i believe in your part of land it doesn't exist anymore but here we have until now ,daughter in law of the house (the good one) who fights many battle at a time and try to keep balance in the family and all well between all