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Thursday, September 23, 2021

We Are All Stupid


We Are All Stupid

When I am with my grandchildren, I sometime say that something is “stupid.”  I then get reprimanded as apparently these days, “stupid” is a four-letter word. 

I disagree.

Years ago, I self-published a book titled “I Used To Be Stupid.”

The premise of the book was that whenever you look back on your life you realize that you used to be stupid.  The older you get, the longer the time frame where you used to be stupid, but you used to be stupid nonetheless. 

This means that depending on how old you are, some years down the road you will look back on today and realize, “Damn, I was really stupid!”

My book sold 15 copies, four of which did not go to relatives, nine of those fifteen were bought by me as gifts.  Of the four non-relatives, two people told me they did actually enjoy the book.  I fully suspect that by now, those two people will realize that they enjoyed the book because…They used to be stupid!


Recently after thinking I have solved the secret to a consistent golf swing for maybe the 12th time this year, I realized that I will never master the game and the fact that I thought I could is because I AM STUPID!

Not used to be stupid, but at the age of 75 I have finally come to grips with not only did I used to be stupid, but in fact I am and always will be stupid. 

That is the wisdom of old age; you realize that you are stupid.

I think we are all stupid, and that is OK. 

I mean, don’t you know people that tell you their dog is really smart because it knows a few tricks?  Great, but that same dog also sniffs other dog’s butts and licks poop.  The dog that they think is so smart is actually really stupid.

So, let’s admit, we are all stupid.  Some of us can do really nice tricks, but we are still stupid.  Maybe not butt sniffing, poop licking stupid, but still pretty stupid.

We buy shit that people tell us will make us happy, because we are stupid.  We all think that we know what is best for us and everyone else (politics for example) because we are stupid.  We smoke, or drink, or do any number of stupid things, because we are stupid.

Granted some of us are less stupid than others, but we are all stupid.

Einstein was not really smart; he was just way less stupid than most of us...but he was still stupid.

For this to become a better world, we need to all realize that we are stupid.  Before we offer an opinion, take an action, do anything, we must make our decisions through the clouded lens of “I know I am stupid.”

Some of the most dangerous people in the world are stupid people who do not know they are stupid! 

Some of the most successful people in the world are people who try things that should not work because they are too stupid to know they won’t work and because of this stupidity they keep trying until they succeed.

So, there you have it.  Not only did I used to be stupid, but I am now stupid and tomorrow I will be stupid.  If I am not successful in whatever is determined to be successful by stupid people, it will be because I have been so smart that I know I am stupid and have not tried stupid things that stupid people manage to do successfully because they are too stupid to know those things cannot be done. 

I am also not dangerous, because I know I am stupid.

Old age has given me the wisdom to know I have been, am now, and will always be stupid. 

I also happen to be very happy. 

If I was less stupid, I would probably have a zillion reasons why I should be miserable.

If you are miserable, it is probably because you are just not that stupid…but then it is kind of stupid to be miserable. 


Does this post make any sense at all? Probably not, because…well, you know.



  1. I like to think of it more as that I used to do dumb things.

  2. Yeah, I did some stupid things but in my defense, few people at that time thought it was stupid. Hum, if the herd is stupid, are all the individuals stupid also? Probably.

  3. My dog is stupid. He just lost three games of chess in a row. He always leaves the important pieces un-defended. Mind you, he is good at poker though.

    God bless.

  4. Agreed. We're all flying by the seat of our pants, and don't know the future, and so we are stupid. Once we admit it, maybe we can figure out the least stupid way to do things and solve our problems.

  5. I was always worried that people would find out that I wasn't very smart. I'm flying by the seat of my pants most days and when I was working in surgery I was always amazed I got through each day without being called stupid. Oh wait...One surgeon did tell me he was disappointed to find out I was Mormon and couldn't believe I was that stupid. So maybe my being stupid wasn't such a secret after all? The good thing? I don't really care any more. I love being stupid!

  6. I used to think I was stupid, more so in the past than now, but I've come to realise the things I am stupid about is simply because I am not educated in those particular things. So am I really stupid? Or simply ignorant/uneducated? If I now choose not to educate myself on matters, that makes me stupid also, but if I choose not to educate myself on matters that I would never understand no matter how much I try to learn, then I am not stupid for choosing not to learn. Ergo, I am not stupid.

  7. P.S. not smart either, not in the manner of Einstein & Co, at least.

  8. In my considerable past (I'm in my 70s), brain told me to do stupid things. Then I followed my heart, which told me to do fewer stupid things --not always so enjoyable but clearly less stupid --which told me in turn to follow my gut, which brought me into perspective re. brain and heart, which made me happy. Brains are good, and hearts but until guts get involved, happy don't happen. Happily, they all kicked in pretty early, but it's guts got me this far.

  9. Yes. We are all stupid. I am the reason the pizza box instructions say to REMOVE CARDBOARD. If only I read the pizza box instructions, I might not be so stupid. It's too bad the sock labels don't say, REMOVE SOCKS BEFORE SHOWERING. To be fair, that incident happened when I was low on sleep with Newborn Genius. Who also grew up to be stupid, gashing a hole all the way through his lower lip while doing kitchen counter gymnastics.

  10. well come to the party dear Joe :)

    though i am not sure if you can beat me in stupidity .

    i agree that we are not born perfect and play freely game of stupidity for almost forever ,lucky are those (like you ) who know this fact and admit it openly not everyone does this nor people (mostly) have courage to do so .

    acknowledging our foolishness makes us feel easy and this let us be free from illusion and disasters of ego which allow us to be happy :)

    i luckily entire my life knew exactly what i am doing is stupidity (for others ) still i preferred it because i knew may be it won't make me feel good at the end but it will give me peace of mind ,till today i found this way of life perfect because i longed for myself only a true peace of mind and nothing else

  11. This post has more common sense than any I've ever written. Of course, I'm stupid as hell.